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10-day Seoul Itinerary (Autumn)



[Virtual Travel + VTL Guide] Autumn in Seoul + Gapyeong, Nami Island

Day 1: Arrived in Seoul

8am: Arrived at Incheon Airport.

Immigration and Baggage Collection.

Proceed for PCR test (to pre-book on Safe2GoPass).

To accommodation via taxi, private hire or designated bus or train only.

Isolate and wait for swab test results (about 2-3hrs), via email or Korea phone number.

Lunch at Donko Bossam 돈코보쌈.

Cafe - Nak-Won 낙원역카페 (mock-up train station concept).

Cafe - Seoul Coffee 서울커피 (in a hanok - traditional house).

Walk around Ikseondong Hanok Village 익선동한옥거리.

Ikseondong Ssal Sanghoe 익선동쌀상회 (hotteok - traditional dessert / snack).

Cafe - Dongbaek Bakery 동백양과점 (souffle pancakes).

Hongdae 홍대 Street Shopping:

- object 오브젝트 (stationeries).

- Stylenanda 스타일난다 (cosmetics, clothing, cafe).

- Sappun 사뿐 (female footwear).

- theninemall 더나인몰 (phone accessories).

- ABC Mart ABC마트 (footwear).

- market a (female clothing).

Dinner at Baek Nyeon Baekse Ginseng Chicken Soup 백년토종삼계탕.

Day 2

Breakfast at Bonjuk 본죽 (porridge).

Cafe - Molto Italian Espresso Bar 몰또이탈리안에스프레소바 - overlooks Myeongdong Cathedral.

Walk around Myeongdong Cathedral 명동성당.

Lunch at Myeongdong Kyoja 명동교자.

Walk around Myeongdong 명동.

Cafe - Luft Coffee 루프트커피.

Deoksugung 덕수궁 Stonewall Road - autumn spot.

Mariwhale Macarons 마리웨일 (grab-and-go).

Seoullo 7017 서울로7017.

Lotte Mart 롯데마트 + dinner takeout from Lotte Mart.

Back to accommodation for dinner.

Day 3

Self-administered ART test.

Breakfast at Mother in Law Bagels 마더린러베이글.

Ewha Woman's University 이화여자대학교 - autumn spot.

Ewha Woman's University Museum 이화여자대학교박물관.

Walk around Sinchon 신촌.

Cafe - Cafe Layered 레이어드.

Cafe - Stamp Coffee 스탬프커피.

Walk around Yeonnam-dong 연남동.

Cafe - Sway Coffee House 스웨이커피스테이션.

Cafe - Dinga Cake House 딩가케이크.

Dinner at BHC Chicken BHC치킨 (fried chicken).

Hongdae 홍대 Street Shopping:

- M Playground 엠플레이그라운드 (streetwear).

- Brand Market 브랜드마켓 (female clothing).

- Folder 폴더 (footwear).

- AA Place (female clothing).

- SPAO 스파오 (clothing).

- LINE Friends Store, BT21.

- shoopen 슈펜 (footwear).

Day 4

Cafe - Breakfast at Cafe Etoile 에뚜왈 (French bakes).

Haneul Park 하늘공원 (silver-grass / pampas grass field).

Lunch at Obok Sikdang 오복식당.

Walk around Mangwon-dong 망원동:

- Fruits Basket 후르츠바스켓 (fruits store).

- Nice Mangwon 나이스망원 Nice Cream (gelato shop).

- Pleasing 플리징 (retro toys shop).

- Our Time Together 아워타임투게더 (cafe).

- Personal Coffee 퍼스널커피 (cafe).

- Mangwondong Tiramisu 망원동티라미수.

- Mangwon Market 망원시장.

Cafe - Shinleedoga 신이도가.

Hongdae 홍대 Street Shopping:

- thisisneverthat 디스이즈네버댓 (clothing).

- Manmancocoro 만만코코로 (photo spot, "Itaewon Class" filming location).

- Sigonggan 시공간 (earrings).

- kikilove 키키러브 (female clothing).

- NERDY (streetwear, cafe).

- 0417 (female clothing).

- ALAND 에이랜드 (clothing).

Cafe - Rooftop Urban Beach 루프탑어반비치 (beach concept with synthetic sand).

Samoyed Cafe 겨울이머무는집.

Dinner at The Famous Burger 더페이머스버거 (opened by Korean rapper, Loco).

Day 5: Gapyeong

Self-administered ART test.

Subway to Yongsan Station.

ITX train to Gapyeong Station (2hrs).

Gapyeong City Tour Bus to "Nami Island" stop (bus is unlimited rides).

Ferry to Nami Island 남이섬 (5mins) + brunch - autumn spot.

Leave Nami Island, ferry back to Gapyeong Wharf.

All locations via Gapyeong City Tour Bus:

Interactive Art Museum 인터렉티브아트뮤지엄.

Petite France 쁘띠프랑스 + afternoon snack.

Garden of Morning Calm 아침고요수목원 - autumn spot.

Gapyeong City Tour Bus to Cheongpyeong Station.

ITX train to Yongsan Station (1hr 30mins).

Subway to Hongdae Station.

Dinner at Tong Tong 통통 (Korean BBQ).

Day 6

Seoul Wave Art Center 서울웨이브아트센터, World's First Floating Starbucks.

Cafe - Breakfast at Yeonlib Coffee 연립빵공장.

Cafe - Milestone Coffee 마일스톤커피.

Walk around Sinsa-dong 신사동:

- JAJU 자주 (homeware).

- Flash Coffee 플래시커피.

- Pizza Express 피자익스프레스.

- Apple Store.

- Nice Weather Market  나이스웨더 (pop art concept merchandise).

- Pink Mellow 핑크멜로우 (pink themed cafe).

Lunch at DPoke All Day 포케올데이.

Walk around Apgujeong-dong 압구정동.

Cafe - Felt Coffee 펠트커피 x Juun.J (clothing).

Cafe - Garuharu 가루하루 (pretty eclairs and cakes).

Lotte World Tower 롯데월드타워 + sunset.

Dinner at Joahae Dakbal 좋아해닭발.

Day 7

PCR test at Kangbuk Samsung Hospital 강북삼성병원.

(Required if staying for more than 7 days)

Cafe - Breakfast at Cafe Onion 카페어니언 (in a hanok - traditional house).

Gyeongbokgung 경복궁.

National Folk Museum of Korea 국립민속박물관.

Tongin Market 통인시장 + ancient coin bento for lunch.

Walk around Samcheon-dong 삼청동 - autumn spot.

Hike up to Seoul Fortress Wall 서울한양도성 - good view of Seoul.

Cafe - Blue Bottle Coffee 블루보틀커피.

Walk around Changdeokgung 창덕궁 - autumn spot.

Cafe - Cheongsudang 청수당.

Dinner at Mukshidonna 먹쉬돈나 (budae jjigae / army stew).

Day 8

Cafe - Breakfast at Oasis Cafe 오아시스.

Walk around Itaewon 이태원.

Cafe - Day Row 데이로우.

Lunch at Sigol Bapsang 시골밥상.

Nine One Hannam 나인원한남 (Korea's most expensive apartment complex).

Cafe - Cafe Oriente 오리앙떼.

Noksapyeong Bridge 녹사평육교 (overlooks Namsan Tower 남산타워, "Itaewon Class" fliming location).

Cafe - Butter Book 버터북.

Yonsei University 연세대학교.

Sinchon Graffiti Tunnel 신촌벽화터널.

Hongdae 홍대 Street Shopping:

- around the corner 어라운드더코너 (clothing).

- Daiso 다이소.

- Blue Ketchup 블루케찹 (clothing).

- Troubadour 트루바두르 (clothing).

- Wonder Place 원더플레이스 (clothing).

Dinner at Hongik Gejang 홍익게장 (soy-marinated raw crabs and prawns).

Day 9

PCR test at Hanyang University Hospital 한양대학교병원.

(Pre-departure test)

Cafe - Small breakfast at Seoul Angmusae 서울앵무새.

Cafe - Small breakfast at Teddy’s Oven 테디스오븐.

Cafe - Cheonsang Gaok 천상가옥.

Starfield COEX Mall 스타필드코엑스몰.

Starfield Library 별마당도서관 (photo spot).

Lunch at Brooklyn the Burger Joint 브루클린더버거조인트.

COEX Aquarium 코엑스아쿠아리움.

Cafe - Peach Gray 피치그레이 (dine and paint).

Dinner at No Brand Burger 노브랜드버거.

Day 10: Back to Singapore

Check-out of Accommodation.

Store luggage at Hongdae Station.

Cafe - Light breakfast at Orbit Cafe & Guesthouse 올빛 (pink concept cafe and guesthouse).

Brunch at Idaejoppyeodakwi 이대조뼈다귀 (pork ribs soup).

Dessert break at Sulbing 설빙 (shaved ice).

Back to Hongdae Station to collect luggage.

To Incheon Airport.

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