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4-day Royal Caribbean Itinerary


BLOG: Royal Caribbean Cruise-to-Nowhere

Day 1

1430hrs: Arrived at Marina Bay Cruise Centre

Baggage Check-in

Health Screening and Immigration (gates open at 2pm)

Onboard, Check-in to Room

Connect to ship WIFI and book activity slots

1700hrs: Bumper Cars

Walk around deck 14 and 15

Seaplex Doghouse (hotdog buns)

1730hrs: Cafe Promenade, Sorrento's (cakes, pizza)

Back to room to unpack - just received our baggages

2000hrs: Dinner at Main Dining Room (plated)

Ship starts sailing into International Waters

2100hrs: Hosted Game, Majority Rules

2200hrs: Live Music, The Aura Band (pop songs)


Day 2

0800hrs: Rise and Shine

0830hrs: Breakfast at Windjammer (buffet)

0930hrs: FlowRider (surf simulator)

1000hrs: Whirlpool

Washed up

1200hrs: Lunch at Main Dining Room

1300hrs: Kpop Dance Class

1345hrs: Cafe Two70 (salad, sandwiches, wraps)

1415hrs: Hosted Game, Trivia General Knowledge

1500hrs: Chilling by the Pool, Soft Serve

1530hrs: Performance, John Taylor Magic Master

Washed up

1730hrs: Piano Melodies with Oleksii

1800hrs: Dinner at Main Dining Room

1945hrs: Performance, Sequins and Feathers (sing, dance, acrobat)

2030hrs: Orchestra and High C's Horns

2200hrs: Live Music, Tropical Band (Caribbean music)

Day 3

0730hrs: Rise and Shine

0800hrs: Breakfast at Windjammer (buffet)

0900hrs: Bumper Cars

0930hrs: Breakfast Part 2 at Main Dining Room

1030hrs: Morning Dance Fitness (similar to Zumba)

1115hrs: Fitness Centre (i.e. gym)

1130hrs: Chilling at Solarium (adults only pool area)

1230hrs: Lunch at Main Dining Room

1345hrs: Performance, Steve Rawlings (comedy juggler)

1500hrs: Rock Climbing

1530hrs: Chilling by the Pool, Soft Serve

1600hrs: Pop Music Dance Class

Washed up

1800hrs: Dinner at Main Dining Room

1915hrs: Live Music, The Aura Band (pop songs)

2030hrs: Chilling by the Pool Bar, Evening Drinks

2100hrs: Live Music, The BeatlesManiac (The Beatles' songs)

2215hrs: Starwater Show (sing, dance, acrobat)


Day 4

Arrived at Singapore

0630hrs: Breakfast at Main Dining Room

0730hrs: Disembark

Immigration and Swab Test

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