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9-day Shanghai Itinerary (Spring)



[Virtual Travel] Paris of the EAST, Shanghai

Day 1: Arrived in Shanghai

6:30am: Arrived at Pudong Airport.

To Airbnb at Yan’an Middle Road.

11am: Brunch at Dieji Soup Dumpling.

12:30pm: Colombia Circle, Seasaw Coffee.

2:30pm: Sihang Warehouse Museum.

4:30pm: M50 Creative Space.

6pm: Starbucks Reserve Roastery.

7:30pm: Dinner at Elixer Health Pot.

Day 2: Suzhou

9am: Jing'an Temple.

10am: Breakfast at Jian Bing Huang.

10:30am: Train to Suzhou.

12pm: Suzhou Museum, Humble Administrator's Garden.

1:30pm: Lunch at Taohua Yuanji.

2:30pm: Ancient Suzhou at Pingjiang Road.

6pm: Dinner at Su Di Ren Jia.

7pm: Back to Shanghai.

Day 3

10am: Breakfast at Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant.

11am: Yu Garden, City God of Temple, Yixiulou.

1pm: Lunch at Yang's Dumpling.

2:30pm: Shanghai Natural History Museum.

5:30pm: Qibao Ancient Town.

Day 4: Disneyland

7am: To Disney Resort.

A night stay at Toy Story Hotel.

8:30am: Shanghai Disneyland.

8:30pm: daily fireworks.

Day 5

Breakfast at Hotel.

11am: Check-out of Hotel.

Explore Disney Resort, Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Disneytown, Wishing Star Park.

Back to Airbnb to place extra baggage.

2:30pm: Tianzifang, Lunch at Old Shanghai Dim Sum.

3:30pm: Sinan Mansions / Sinan Open Air Museum, Hotel Massenet.

5pm: Miette Cafe.

5:30pm: Former Residence of Sun Yat Sen.

6pm: Metal Hands.

6:30pm: Cathay Theatre.

7pm: Dinner at Siu Loon Fung Restaurant.

8:30pm: Barber Shop (hidden bar).

Day 6: Hangzhou

8:30am: Breakfast at Pancake Headed.

9am: Train to Hangzhou.

11:30am: Fajiao Shitang.

12:30pm: Explore West Lake.

1:30pm: Lunch at Hangzhou Restaurant.

2:30pm: back to West Lake + boat ride.

6pm: Dinner at Yuanxing Noodle Restaurant.

Day 7

7:30am: Breakfast at Pain Chaud.

9am: Shanghai Film Park.

2pm: Lunch at Fuchun Xiaolong.

3pm: SMAKA Cafe.

4:30pm: Xintiandi, Shikumen Museum.

7pm: Dinner at Zhending Chicken.

8:30pm: 404 Not Found (bar).

Day 8

9:30am: Breakfast at Blatage Coffee.

11:30am: 1933 Old Millfun.

1:30pm: Lunch at Jia Jia Soup Dumpling.

3pm: Shanghai Postal Museum.

4pm: %Arabica Roastery.

4:30pm: The Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

6:30pm: Dinner at Cejerdary.

7:30pm: Check out the lighted up Pearl Tower.

Day 9: Back to Singapore

Check-out of Airbnb.

10am: Breakfast at RAC Coffee & Bar.

11am: French Concession, Wukang Road, Wukang Mansion.

1pm: Lunch at Man Long Chun.

2:30pm: Dear You Cafe.

3:45pm: Back to Airbnb to collect luggage.

4pm: To Pudong Airport.

7pm: Depart from Shanghai.

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