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9-day Seoul Itinerary (Summer)


*___* - Places that you should not missed out!


Day 1: Arrived in Seoul

Arrived at Incheon Airport.

To Seoul Station via AREX (Airport Railroad Express).

Grab Korea Tour Card - exclusive travel card for tourists.

Check-in to accommodation (Dongdaemun).

Dongdaemun Streets (shopping)

*Doota Mall (shopping)*

*Kyochon Chicken (Korean Fried Chicken)*

Back to Accommodation.


Day 2

*Lotte World (amusement park)*

*Myeongdong Streets (street food)*

*Lotte Mart (grocery shopping)*

Back to Accommodation.


Day 3

*Common Ground*

*[CAFEHOP] Algeria Coffee Roasters*

*[CAFEHOP] Mr Holmes Bakehouse*

*[CAFEHOP] Sona Cafe*

*Etoile (French bakes)*

*Goto Mall (shopping)*

Kwangjang Market (street food).

*[CAFEHOP] Sulbing (bingsu)*

Back to Accommodation.


Day 4

*Ihwa Mural Village*

Namdaemun Market (traditional market).

*Stylenanda Pink Hotel (cosmetic shop)*

*Myeongdong Kyoja (Korean food)*

*Myeongdong (shopping)*

*Lotte Department Store (shopping)*

To N Seoul Tower via Cable Car.

Myeongdong (street food).

*[CAFEHOP] Innisfree Green Cafe*

Back to Accommodation.


Day 5

*[CAFEHOP] LINE Friends Store and Cafe (Itaewon)*

*[CAFEHOP] Anthracite Coffee Roasters*


*Ewha Woman's University (shopping)*

*Sorabol (Korean BBQ)*

Back to Accommodation.

Day 6

Ichimen (Hongdae).

Hongdae (shopping).

[CAFEHOP] Thanks Nature Cafe.

*[CAFEHOP] Bau House Dog Cafe*


*Ewha Woman's University (shopping)*

*Bongchu Jjimdak*

Back to Accommodation.


Day 7

*Noryangjin Fish Market*


Changing of Guards Ceremony.

> Trying of Hanbok - Korea's traditional costume.


Bukchon Hanok Village.


*[CAFEHOP] O'sulloc Tea House*

*[CAFEHOP] Miss Lee Cafe (Insadong)*

*Angyeong Halmeoni Gopchang*

Back to Accommodation.


Day 8 - Gapyeong

*Petite France*

Last minute shopping.

Day 9 - Back to Singapore

[1030hrs] Get Ready to Leave.

[1200hrs] To Seoul Station.

[1300hrs] To Incheon Airport via AREX.

[1400hrs] Arrived at Incheon Airport.

[1430hrs] Check-in Baggage.

[1630hrs] Back to Singapore.

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