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10-day Taipei+Taichung Itinerary



[Virtual Travel] Taipei + Taichung

Taipei and Taichung are filled with so many amazing and pretty cafes,

it's just impossible to visit them all.

So I’m going to put attractions and local food places as priority,

and cafes visiting will be at any free time available in between.

Pretty Food and Cafes in Taipei (1/2)

Pretty Food and Cafes in Taipei (2/2)

Pretty Food and Cafes in Taichung (1/2)

Pretty Food and Cafes in Taichung (2/2)

Day 1: Arrived at Taipei

1pm: Arrive at Taoyuan Airport.

Airport MRT to Taipei Main Station, metro to Ximen Station.

Check-in to Airbnb at Ximending.

3:30pm: Lunch at Ay Chung Mee Sua.

4:30pm: Ximending.

(suggested: The Red House, American Street, Taipei Cinema Park, Hanko 60)

6:30pm: Dinner at Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice.

Day 2

8:30am: Rainbow Crosswalk at Ximen Station exit 6.

9am: Breakfast at Ronin's Love Song.

10am: Chill at Cafe Noote.

11am: Sanxia Old Street + lunch.

1:30pm: Land Bank Exhibition Hall of National Taiwan Museum (dinosaurs exhibit).


[free time]


7pm: Dinner at Tong Xin Mee Sua.

Day 3: Taichung

7:30am: Depart from Taipei.

8:30am: Rainbow Village.

10:30am: Breakfast at Yue Ban Handmade Dan Bing.

11:30am: Shen Ji New Village.

[free time]

6:30pm: Dinner at Feng Chia Night Market.

Back to Taipei.

Day 4: Taichung

8am: Depart from Taipei.

10am: Lavender Cottage.

12pm: Back to Taichung city.

[free time]

4pm: Zhou Soup Dumplings.

4:45pm: Cultural Heritage Park.

6pm: Chik'n&Chow.

[free time]

Back to Taipei.

Day 5

9am: Breakfast at GinGin Company.

10am: 2/28 Peace Memorial Park, Taipei 228 Memorial Hall.

12:30pm: Lunch at Old Shanghai SFRY-Dumpling.

2:30pm: National Palace Museum.

5:30pm: Li Yuan Soup Dumplings.

6:30pm: Belle Epoque.

Day 6

8am: Breakfast at Fu Hang Soy Milk.

10:30am: Yehliu Geopark.

1pm: Sugar Miss.

2pm: Lunch at AE Dumplings.

[free time]

7pm: Dinner at Jin Da Braised Pork Rice.

Day 7

8:30am: Breakfast at FOMO Coffee.

11am: Gold Ecological Park + lunch.

(Jinguashi, New Taipei City Gold Museum, Jinguashi Shrine, Golden Waterfall, Yin Yang Sea)

4pm: Jiufen Old Street.

(Zhangji Traditional Fishballs, A-Jou Peanut Ice Cream Roll, Jin Zhi Red Yeast Rice Mock Meatball, Wudi Sausage, Grandma Lai's Taro Balls)

6:30pm: Chill at Skyline Teahouse - best spot for a scenic photo of Jiufen and the iconic A-Mei Teahouse.

Back to Taipei.

Day 8

9am: Breakfast at Golden Flower Grilled Toast.

11:30am: Shifen Old Street.

(Liou Ge BBQ Stuffed Wings, Shifen Waterfall)

3pm: Qi Jia Steamed Dumplings.

Back to Taipei.

[free time]

7pm: Raohe Night Market.

(Fuzhou Pepper Buns, Jin Dan Tamagoyaki, Kasho Handmade Dorayaki, Zhi Ren Handmade QQ Balls) 

Day 9

8am: Breakfast at Chen Ji Mee Sua.

9:30am: Presidential Office Building.

11am: Taipei Children's Amusement Park + lunch.

5:30pm: Matsu New Village.

6:30pm: Dinner at Sai Men Tempura.

Day 10: Back to Singapore

9am: Store luggage at Taipei Main Station.

9:30am: Breakfast at MKCR.

10am: National Taiwan Museum - Railway Department.

1pm: Lunch at McDonald's.

2pm: Chill at Sidoli Radio.

2:45pm: To Taoyuan Airport.

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