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#FELinSEOUL Day 3: It's a Rainy Day, Itaewon, National Museum of Korea

Woke up late and quickly did up breakfast and lunch (to take-out), after figuring out how to operate the stove. Had pancakes with spam, bacon and sauteed spinach for breakfast, and did up pasta with spam and spinach omelette for lunch.

#1: Breakfast - Pancakes, Bacon, Sauteed Spinach and Spam.

#2: Super nice to-go coffee that I got from Lotte Mart.

Headed out to Itaewon, the foreign district of Seoul. In the aftermath of Korean war, American soldiers began to stay in this area and subsequently, numerous businesses and housing complexes were formed. You can see lots of foreigners here and the things here are slightly more pricey since the items are mainly targeted towards tourists. It's somewhat like Singapore's Clarke Quay.


Opening hrs: 0900hrs to 2100hrs.

Address: Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Subway: Itaewon Station (line 6).

#3: Welcome to Itaewon.

#4: Itaewon.

#5: Itaewon.

Head down to Takeout Drawing Cafe.. The two-storied Takeout Drawing Café serves as an art exhibition space and café. This café serves interesting beverages such as Paul’s Meringue Factory (espresso with milk, topped with a meringue cookie), Iceberg Macchiato (espresso poured over an iceberg-shaped ice cube made from milk), and Storming Ant (black sesame foam with milk). I had the popular Paul's Meringue Factory, which you are supposed to dip the meringue into the coffee and eat it. The coffee is pretty strong and bitter on its own.

This cafe is really artsy and cozy with an industrial look and design to it. Took a rest here and wrote day 2's journal as I was really tired yesterday, reaching home at around 11pm!


Opening hrs: 1100hrs to 2300hrs.

Address: 683-139 Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Subway: Hangangjin Station (line 6 exit 3).

#6: Takeout Drawing Cafe.

#7: Paul's Meringue Factory.

It started raining D: Wow, the weather forecast was really accurate! Make my way to the National Museum of Korea, the largest museum in Korea and ranked as the sixth largest museum in the world. It houses precious Korea cultural assets and art pieces that tells the history of Korea, from ancient times to the modern era. The museum is divided into three levels, where the left portion represents the past and the right portion representing the future. It got really cold, especially when the wind comes blowing! Freezing!


Opening hrs: 0900hrs to 1800hrs (Tue, Thu, Fri), 0900hrs to 2100hrs (Wed, Sat), 0900hrs to 1900hrs (Sun, PH), Closed on Mondays.

Admission: FREE.Address: 137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Subway: Ichon Station (line 2 exit 2).

#8: National Museum of Korea.

#9: Pretty flowers.

#10: National Museum of Korea.

#11: One of the exhibits.

#12: Here's what's inside the house.

Initially, I was supposed to go to Banpo Hangang Park to catch the sunset and Rainbow Fountain. But the rain just wouldn't stop! Guess I have to make time and go another day.. Went back to Lotte Mart to get some groceries and some Orange Korean Fried Chicken for dinner and dang, the rain has yet to stop. Went to a nearby cafe, Angel-in-us Coffee, around the mart to wait for the rain to get smaller and got myself a cup of hot chocolate to warm up my body! And because of the rain and cold, my flu got back, damn it!

Expenses for Day 3

Souvenir Magnet - KRW2,000 (x2) = KRW4,000

Takeout Drawing Cafe - Paul's Meringue Factory KRW7,500

McDonald's - Coke KRW1,000

Grocery Shopping at Lotte Mart - KRW12,820

Angel-in-us Coffee - Hot Chocolate KRW4,600

Sub-total: KRW29,920 = SGD35.55

Expenses from previous: SGD1,431.40

Current total: SGD1,466.95

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