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Chicken and Bacon Baked Rice 鸡丝培根焗饭

[Ingredients] 材料

  • 2cups brown rice - washed 糙米2杯 - 洗过

  • 500ml chicken stock - 鸡汤500毫升

  • 1tsp salt 盐1茶匙

  • 300g roasted chicken - shredded 烤鸡300克 - 切丝

  • 300g streaky bacon - into small pieces 培根300克 - 切小片

  • 100g corn kernels 玉米粒100克

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise 蛋黄酱1/4杯

  • Black pepper 黑胡椒

  • 150g grated mozzarella 莫扎里拉乳酪碎150克

[Steps] 步骤

  1. Place washed rice, chicken stock and salt in rice cooker. Cook rice. 把洗过的米,鸡汤和盐放入电饭锅,开煮。

  2. Place bacon in a tray and bake at 165degC till brown and crispy. 把培根放在烤盘上,165度烤至金黄香脆。

  3. When rice is cooked, transfer to a baking dish. 饭煮熟后,转放在烤盘上。

  4. Spread mayonnaise over, then topped with black pepper, chicken, corn, bacon and mozzarella. 涂上蛋黄酱,接着沙上黑胡椒,鸡丝,玉米,培根和乳酪。

  5. Bake at 180degC for 10-15mins or until cheese turns brown. 180度烤至10到15分钟,或乳酪变色就行。

Adapted from The Meat Men

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