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Day 1 - Arriving at Hong Kong

Flight got delayed for about 30mins, reaching Hong Kong at 5:30am, but I only left the airport at about 7am. Was super duper tired due to the lack of sleep. I couldn’t fall asleep the day before yesterday, and went to work at 8am with just 3hrs of sleep. Stayed up all the way till 2am when my flight departed and took a few short naps in between the journey. You know planes aren’t that comfortable to sleep in.

After arriving at the airport, took a short nap, then a quick snack and a nice can of coffee, before I took the airport express train to city. Coffee - a great short booze of energy and the best thing to keep you awake! Was also glad to find the Cream Collon Hong Kong edition of Egg Tart and Mango Pudding flavours at 7-11. Wasn’t sure where I could get these in Hong Kong!

[During the trip, I also saw it selling at the basement supermarket of SOGO Department Store and Calbee+ store at Lee Tung Street.]

These 2 Cream Collon flavours are a great Hong Kong snack souvenir for your friends who loves snacking! They are although a lot more smaller and expensive than the usual Cream Collon. The standard packaging (the usual flavours of plain, chocolate and strawberry) weighs around 55g and retails at about HK$10 per box. These 2 flavours are selling at a packet of 6 boxes at HK$80 (that is HK$13 per box) and each box is half of the standard size, at about 35g. However, the design and packaging wins it all. The cardboard used is also more sturdy and of a better quality, which you can keep it if you want.

#1: My luggage, perfect height and width as a dining table.

#2: Cream Collon Hong Kong edition, Egg Tart flavour, HK$82 (6 boxes).

Egg Tart flavour - upon opening the packet, you will be welcome with a nice caramel scent. On second thought, it does reminds me of brown sugar bobas. The biscuit is uniform amongst all the flavours. The cream has a mild eggy and caramel taste. It does not really remind you of an egg tart, but it is a nice snack overall!

#3: Cream Collon Hong Kong edition, Mango Pudding flavour, HK$82 (6 boxes).

Mango Pudding flavour - upon opening the packet, you will be welcome with a fragrant tangy mango scent, similar to really authentic mango pudding dessert and the mango pomelo sago dessert. The cream has a nice mango flavour to it with a nice punch of sourness, like a real mango! People with do not like the tangy taste of mango might not like this snack. It does get a little too tangy for me upon finishing it up, though it's such a small packet.

#4: Airport Express train ticket machine.

#5: Payment by cash per trip is HK$115, by Octopus card is HK$110. Octopus card is the public transport card of Hong Kong. You can get the card at any MTR station's customer service counter or convenience stores.

The airport express train was super spacious and comfortable. It took about 25mins to reach MTR Hong Kong Station. Really glad that I left the airport later, after the sun was out. The view on the way to city was splendid! Amazing ocean and mountains!

After leaving my luggage at the hotel, took a walk around Causeway Bay and found 3 Tsui Wah branch! One opposite my hotel, one along Lockhart Road, and the other along Jaffe Road. The one opposite my hotel is even 24hrs! The other 2 is opened till 2am. Why do you need 3 branches at the same area? It was about 8+ in the morning and many stores were still close. Went to Starbucks to kill some time and get more coffee... Really feel like just lying down and sleep. Christmas drinks are in! I love their Peppermint Mocha!

After which, I went to Sheung Wan, to Man Mo Temple, Halfway Coffee and then Social Place for lunch. Many places that I wanted to go are near to each other, but just this 3 places for this morning. Man Mo Temple is a worship place for the civil / literature god Man Tai (文帝) and the martial god Mo Tai (武帝). It attracts many tourists for its architecture and coil incenses.

Man Mo Temple 文武庙

124 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

0800-180hrs (daily)

MTR: Sheung Wan Station Exit A2

#6: Coil incenses at Man Mo Temple.

Next, I went to Halfway Coffee where they serve coffee in traditional Chinese teacups! How cool? I opted to add on HK$2 (only for dine in) for the takeaway cup which is the design of a Chinese teacup as well, available in 5 colours! Coffee was really good, though on the steep side, but the paper cup was really good quality and pretty! Next, I went to Social Place for lunch, a modern Chinese cuisine place that serves up elegant and at the same time cute dimsum. They don’t do the usual dimsum items of siew mai, har gao and chee cheong fun. I had the Charcoal Lava Custard Buns with one of the best lava custard filling, and each bun is painted with edible gold, how elegant! As well as some Mangosteen-shaped Crab and Prawn Buns. These buns are fried with a chewy mochi-like bun. The filling is a chowder-like lobster broth with crabmeat and prawns. The white filling kind of resembles the flesh of a mangosteen.

Halfway Coffee 半岛咖啡

12 Tung Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

1000-1800hrs (daily)

MTR: Sheung Wan Station Exit A2

#7: Halfway Coffee.

#8: Their takeaway cups are so pretty! Available in 5 colours. Latte, HK$40.

Social Place 唐宫小聚

139 Queen’s Road Central, The L. Place, Central, Hong Kong

1130-1500hrs, 1800-2200hrs (daily)

MTR: Sheung Wan Station Exit E2

#9: Social Place, Charcoal Custard Lava Buns 黄金流沙, HK$49 (3pcs).

#10: Their custard was amazing and the edible gold painted on the buns leaves your fingers glittery pretty! Though it was a little too liquid, making it difficult to eat. I like it slightly of a thicker consistency so it doesn't drip everywhere.

[At the back] Mangosteen-shaped Buns with Crab and Prawn 非常山竹, HK$49 (3pcs). A nice fried, chewy mochi-like bun filled with crabmeat and prawns in lobster broth.

Then, I went back to Causeway Bay and went to queue for Tiger Sugar. Along the way to the tram station, passed by the pretty murals around Graham Street and walk through the traditional market. Small stalls lined along a slope! It typically is about the same as the wet markets in Singapore, just that the stalls are set up along a slope. Oh, no raw meat here. Just fruits, vegetables, dried goods and fishball / yong tau foo stalls.

#11: The most popular mural located along Graham Street, Central. Only this one has many gathering around to take photos!

Queue at Tiger Sugar wasn’t that bad today and queued for 10mins instead of the said 3hrs! It is a popular boba tea brand from Taiwan that specializes in brown sugar bobas. The taste of the brown sugar was great, but not the drink. 1) The pearls were warm, it makes the drink not icy cold and the ice melts way too fast, diluting the drink. 2) The taste of the brown sugar was great, but not strong. It’s like a hint, and towards the end when the ice melts, I couldn’t even taste any brown sugar. 3) The bobas were soft, not sure if this is supposed to be the right texture, but I like my bobas to be a little more chewy.

Tiger Sugar 老虎堂

36 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

1100-2200hrs (daily)

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit F1

#12: Tiger Sugar, Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse 黑糖波霜厚鲜奶, HK$30.

Finally, went back to my hotel to check-in, and I was so tired, my nap turned into a sleep! Couldn’t continue my itinerary for the day as planned. Took a bath and went down to Tsui Wah for dinner. I had the Shrimp Wonton & Shrimp Roe Noodles, Swiss Wings and HK Milk Tea. The food were great! Don’t really like the milk tea though, but I don’t drink milk tea in general, so my opinion is not accurate. I love the taste of soft boiled eggs with some dark soy sauce and pepper, and the wings tasted very similar to this taste!

L'etoile de Mer 海の星宿

4/F, 275 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit D1

#13: Entrance to the hotel. You can check out their website for more photos!

Tsui Wah Restaurant 翠华餐厅

20-22 Cannon Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

24hrs (daily)

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit D1

#14: Tsui Wah Restaurant.

#15: Shrimp Wonton and Shrimp Roe Noodles 虾籽珍珠云吞面, HK$36.

[At the back] HK Milk Tea 港式奶茶, HK$21.

#16: Swiss Chicken Wings 瑞士汁鸡翅, HK$60 (5pcs).

That’s it for day 1!

Rates calculated as SG$1 = HK$5.65

Pre-trip Expenses

Flight, Cathay Pacific SG$293.80

Travel Insurance SG$35

Wifi Router SG$45

Accommodation, L’etoile de Mer HK$3,280

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Ride HK$255

SG$373.80 + SG$625.66 (HK$3,535) = SG$999.46

Expenses for Day 1 Cream Collon Egg Tart Flavour HK$82

Cream Collon Mango Pudding Flavour HK$82 7-11, Nescafe HK$11.50 8pc Mixed Dimsum HK$15.40 Airport Express to City HK$115 To MTR Causeway Bay HK$5.50 7-11, Evian 500ml HK$19 Starbucks, Peppermint Mocha Frappe Tall HK$43

Octopus Card HK$100 (+HK$50 refundable deposit)

Halfway Coffee, Latte HK$40 +HK$2 for paper cup (chargeable only for dine in)

Social Place, Charcoal Lava Custard Buns HK$49 (3pcs)

Mangosteen Crab & Prawn Buns HK$49 (3pcs)

Tiger Sugar, Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse HK$30

Tsui Wah, Shrimp Wonton & Shrimp Roe Noodles HK$36

Swiss Wings HK$60 (5pcs)

HK Milk Tea HK$21

Total Expenses for Day 1: HK$810.40 = SG$143.43

Previous Expenses: SG$999.46

Current Total Expenses: SG$1,142.89

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