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Day 7 - Bruleed Boba Tea, SOGO, Melon Ice Cream

Wanted to wake up earlier today so that I could cover more places as it is already the 2nd last day! But was so tired as I didn’t managed to sleep well. Had the awesome Curry Fishballs again and some Fried Octopus Tentacles. Needless to say, they were awesome! Walked down to another boba tea shop located near Tiger Sugar and Xing Fu Tang (this 2 stores are located side by side by the way) called Belle Epoque. Saw this place while I was scrolling through Instagram this morning! Ordered the bruleed version of the Brown Sugar Boba Milk (additional HK$5). Their bruleed version comes topped with a layer of cheese cream, like how a cheese drink is made, and bruleed. The cheesy layer has bits of cheese and gives the drink a nice burnt taste. It was overall a great experience! But the taste of their brown sugar is not as good as Xing Fu Tang’s, so this is 2nd best!

Wen Ji Xiao Shi 文记小食

4 Cannon Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit D1

#1: Wen Ji Xiao Shi.

#2: Fried Octopus Tentacles Skewer 炸章鱼, HK$20. Curry Fishball Skewer 咖喱鱼蛋, HK$10 (6pcs).

Belle Epoque 美好年代

5 Pennington Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

1100-2300hrs (daily)

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit F1

#3: Bruleed Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Cream 烤布蕾波波茶 (含奶盖), HK$34.

Took the tram down to Wan Chai, to Chrisly Cafe. The items sold at this place is 90% the same as Australia Dairy Company, but their version is so much better and the staff here are really friendly, so different from the usual hospitality you get. You should skip Australia Dairy Company if you plan on visiting! I had the popular Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs on Toast and actually I wanted to order the Pork Chop Bun, but I misread the menu, and accidentally ordered a buttered bun instead. The buttered bun was called 奶油猪仔包 and the Pork Chop Bun was called 特色猪扒包. I mean both the item names have the word ‘pig’ in it, but actually ‘猪仔包’ is the name of the bun. While, learnt something new today.

Chrisly Cafe 华星冰室

6 Heard Street, Kwong Sang Hong Building, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

0700-2300hrs (daily)

MTR: Wan Chai Station Exit A3

#4: Chrisly Cafe.

#5: The design of their booth seats, so cool! Great way to advertise the recommended items!

If you can't read Chinese, here's the translation:

'三點三下午茶' - 03:15PM Afternoon Tea.

'黑白淡奶' - Black & White Evapourated Milk (all cha chaan teng uses this brand, said to be the best!).

'校長多士' - It literally translates to 'Principal Toast'. It's a toast topped with black truffle and cheese.

'華星冰室' - Chrisly Cafe.

'熱奶茶' - Hot Milk Tea.

'香滑' - Frangrant and smooth.

'我愛香港' - I love Hong Kong.

'香港非物質文化遺產' - Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage.

'荷蘭製造' - Made in Holland.

#6: Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs on Toast 黑松露炒蛋多士, HK$46.

Moved on the Hong Kong Science Museum and Hong Kong Museum of History, which are located side by side. Was looking very much forward to these 2 places, but what a disappointment. The science museum was old and many of the displays and exhibits are discoloured, dusty and worn out. The entire place was quite dark, I couldn’t even see much properly. Briefly walked through and moved on to the history museum. While, the history museum was pretty much the same too. Sigh... Felt like a wasted trip and it was quite a long walk from the MTR station.

Hong Kong Science Museum 香港科学馆

2 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong

1000-1900hrs (Mon-Wed, Fri), 1000-2100hrs (Sat, Sun, PH), Closed on Thursdays

Admission: HKD20

MTR: Hung Hom Station Exit D1

#7: Hong Kong Museum of History.

Hong Kong Museum of History 香港历史博物馆

100 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong

1000-1800hrs (Mon, Wed-Fri), 1000-1900hrs (Sat-Sun), Closed on Tuesdays

Admission: HKD10

MTR: Hung Hom Station Exit D1

#8: Hong Kong Science Museum.

#9: Both museums are side by side.

#10: The only thing that was kind of worth taking a photo. An old school breakfast store - toast, eggs, drinks.

Went down to Mongkok for a much needed coffee break, to this cafe called Craft Coffee Roaster. Then back to Chrisly Cafe again, which is about 500m away. This time round, I ordered correctly, along with a cup of Iced Ovaltine. With all the travelling around, it was quickly getting late. So sad, I had to cancel my trip to Yau Ma Tei, Kennedy Town, Victoria Peak and Stanley, as it is already the last night!

Craft Coffee Roaster

29 Tai Kok Tsui Rd, Tai Kok Tsui, Hong Kong

0800-1800hrs (Mon-Fri), 0900-1800hrs (Sat-Sun)

MTR: Olympic Station Exit C5

#11: Craft Coffee Roaster.

#12: They use a tamper as a door knob, so cool!

#13: Cappuccino, HK$34.

Chrisly Cafe 华星冰室

107 Sai Yeung Choi, Mongkok, Hong Kong

0700-2300hrs (daily)

MTR: Mongkok Station Exit B3

#14: Pork Chop Bun 特色猪扒包, HK$22.

#15: Filled with butter, pork chop, lettuce, tomato slice, mayonnaise.

Went back to Causeway Bay, to SOGO Department Store. If you aren’t interested in all the cosmetics and department store stuff, head straight to the basement! There are many food stores, mainly Japanese food, as well as a supermarket that sells many Japan products and premium groceries. There is so many great stuff to buy! But I have to stop myself, already bought so much. Bought a cup of tamgoyaki for HK$21, for 5pcs; and a packet of tamago furikake. Then to Hang Heung Cake Shop to get their popular Wife Cakes and Century Egg Cakes to bring back home. Hang Heung Cake Shop is one of the famous Chinese pastry shops in Hong Kong. It is most famous for its Wife Biscuit which was amazing, but I prefer their Century Egg Biscuit more. The filling is soft lotus paste with a wedge of century egg. Something that tasted simple and special.

SOGO Department Store 香港崇光百货

555 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

1000-2200hrs (Mon-Thu, Sun), 1000-2230hrs (Fri-Sat)

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit D1

Hang Heung Cake Shop 恒香饼家

B2/F, Shop 48, Sogo Department Store, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

1000-2200hrs (daily)

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit D3

#16: [Left, flat round pieces] Wife Biscuit 老婆饼, HK$51 (6pcs).

[Right, oval pieces] Century Egg Biscuit 皮蛋酥, HK$54 (6pcs).

Next, I went to I Cremeria to try their Hokkaido Melon Soft Serve. It was damn good! Have you ever tried honeydew flavour ice cream? It comes with a slice of melon as well and the melon was really sweet and yummy too! It is expensive for an ice cream, priced at HK$68, but so worth it to try! Lastly, went to the supermarket next door to get some Black & White evapourated milk for my friend. According to her, it is one of the best processed milk brand and probably all local cafes in Hong Kong uses this brand! In Singapore, Carnation brand is considered the best, and apparently this Black & White brand is even better than Carnation! It comes in 3 types of packaging - 450ml carton box, 170ml can, and a box of 12pc 13ml individual capsules. While, if you will like to google about it, it is called ‘黑白淡奶’ in Chinese.

I Cremeria

Shop F9, Fashion Walk, 11-19 Great George Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

1100-2300hrs (daily)

MTR: Causeway Bay Station Exit E

#17: I Cremeria.

#18: Menu of I Cremeria.

#19: Hokkaido Melon Soft Serve Cone 北海道蜜瓜雪糕, HK$68. It is a little on the steep side, but it is really good!

Went back to my hotel and started packing my luggage, the part that I dread the most, especially when I knew I bought lots of stuff during the trip! Luckily, I managed to fit everything in, just barely any room left! A great tip to share with you is to organise your items in packing cubes. It helps to save lots of space and keep your items in place and organised, without worrying that they will move around during transportation. I got mine from Shopee for SG$15 for a set of 6pcs in different sizes, 3 packing cubes and 3 pouches; but I always just needed to use just 4pcs for my trips. The large packing cube holds all my clothes and other clothing like socks. The small packing cube holds my shoes. My shoes are mostly high-cut, and they are not recommended to be worn as shoes above ankles need to be removed during airport security checks. So, I usually pack my shoes and wore sandals to the airport. I place my cosmetics in a pouch, toiletries in one, toothpaste and toothbrush in one. All these individual pouches goes into the medium packing cube, along with misc. items like plug adaptor, extra wet tissue, hair products, etc. These 3 packing cubes fit nicely into half the luggage space, with a small portion of space left for my hair dryer, straightener and extension cord. The other half is reserved for shopping. I also packed in a large hand-carry bag just in case I run out of luggage space.

Rates calculated as SG$1 = HK$5.65

Expenses for Day 7

Curry Fishball Skewer HK$10 (6pcs)

Fried Octopus Tentacles Skewer HK$20

Belle Epoque, Bruleed Brown Sugar Boba Milk HK$34 (non bruleed is HK$29)

Top-up Octopus Card HK$50

Chrisly Cafe, Black Truffle Scrambled Eggs on Toast HK$46

Buttered Bun HK$16

Pork Chop Bun HK$22

Iced Ovaltine HK$23

Hong Kong Science Museum HK$20

Hong Kong Museum of History Souvenirs:

- Magnet HK$27

- Hong Kong food luggage stickers HK$22 x3

- Hong Kong food stickers HK$25 x2

- Postcard HK$15 x2

Craft Specialty Coffee, Cappuccino HK$34

SOGO Store, Tamagoyaki HK$21 (5pcs) Tamago Furikake HK$13.40 Hang Heung Cake Shop, Wife Biscuit HK$51 (6pcs) Century Egg Biscuit HK$54 (6pcs) I Cremeria, Hokkaido Melon Soft Serve Cone HK$68 Black & White Evapourated Milk HK$8.30 x3

Total Expenses for Day 7: HK$680.30 = SG$120.41 Previous Expenses: SG$1,706.12 Current Total Expenses: SG$1,826.53

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