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Day 5 - Another Cafehopping Day, Soy Marinated Raw Crabs, Super Fluffy Souffle Pancakes 又是狂去咖啡厅的一天,生

Today’s first location is cafes around Yeonnam-dong area. Really happy with the location of my Airbnb this time round, many of the places that I wanted to visit were within walking distance. Also thanks to these Taiwan Youtubers, ‘阿侖 Alun’, ‘一隻阿圓 I am CIRCLE’, and ‘DeerDeer米鹿’ for recommending many awesome places to visit around Hongdae and Yeonnam-dong area. They are currently staying in Hongdae, thus the recommendations. Alun is currently in Seoul for work holiday, and is planning to return to Taiwan in a few months’ time. Circle and Milu are a couple, who are now studying Korean in Seoul. Go check out their awesome videos!

今天的第一站是到 Yeonnam-dong 区的咖啡厅。很高兴这次找对住宿地点,很多想去的地方步行就能到。也多谢一群台湾 Youtubers - ‘阿侖 Alun’,‘一隻阿圓 I am CIRCLE’,和 ‘DeerDeer米鹿’ 的弘大和 Yeonnam-dong 区推荐影片,让我在住宿附近找到很多能去的地方。这三位目前就住在韩国,弘大区。阿侖是到首尔打工度假,过几个月打算回台湾。阿圓和米鹿是夫妻,目前在首尔学韩语。有空可以去看看他们的影片!

On my way to the first cafe, went to GS25 first to get myself a dust mask as I couldn’t find mine! Korea is EXTREMELY cold now! I am totally covered up from head to toe, except for my eyes. Prior to visiting Korea, I was always wondering why Koreans love to wear masks, now I knew why! The winter weather is extremely cold and dry! My cheeks are the smoothest and the least sensitive area on my face, and yet it became so dry and rough throughout the trip, and felt as cold as ice. It is also so cold that my nose keep having mucus. And because it is so dry, it also became very dusty, so it is good to keep the mask on. Apart from the mask, I also got a Strawberry and Cream Sandwich, and a Strawberry Milk with Snoopy design - so cute! Korean strawberries are the BEST ever, and you bet the sandwich was awesome!

在要去第一间咖啡厅的旅途中,经过了 GS25,想买个口罩,自己带的不知道到了哪里去。韩国现在超冷!真的是除了眼睛以外,从头包到脚。没来韩国时,都不知道为什么韩国人那么喜欢戴口罩。这里的天气真的是又冷又干!我的脸颊算是最滑,最不明感的一部分,都开始变得很干很粗,而且摸起来冷的像冰块。也因为天气干燥,灰尘变得特别的多,所以时时刻刻带着口罩还是比较好。除了口罩,也买了份草莓奶油面包,和很可爱的史努比设计的草莓牛奶。韩国草莓真的很好吃!

#1: Strawberry Sandwich, KRW2,300. Strawberry Milk (250ml), KRW1,000.

Arriving at my first cafe, Cafe Skon. It is a 2-storey house converted into a cute and playful cafe! It is amongst houses, so it is a nice and quiet place to chill! I wish Singapore has such cafes too! But I guess it is almost impossible as land prices in Singapore are ridiculous due to the scarcity of land. Even small cafes couldn’t sustain pass a year. Got their mini lemon cake that was wrapped with a cute yellow wrapping, great as gifts! As well as a cup of coffee. The lemon-shaped cake has a nice citrusy note to it, with a sugar glaze that was not too sweet, so it balances pretty well! Lemon Tart (tart with lemon curd and sweet torched meringue) was one of my favourite desserts, and this cake was a great substitute. It is pretty affordable too, just KRW3,000 each!

第一间咖啡厅是 Cafe Skon,一间两层楼平屋改成咖啡厅,设计非常可爱,调皮。位于住宅区,所以是个安静,很好放松的地方!真希望新加坡也有像这样的咖啡厅!不过也不太可能,因为新加坡的房价太贵了!很多咖啡厅都维持不了一年。点了他们的迷你柠檬蛋糕,包装好可爱,很好送礼!还有杯咖啡。蛋糕是柠檬形状,上面有一层糖釉,酸酸甜甜,好好吃!其实我很喜欢柠檬挞,酸酸的柠檬卡仕达,配上甜甜的 meringue,这个蛋糕是个很好的替代品!而且不贵,价格是韩币3,000。

Cafe Skon 카페스콘

Google Maps: 239-4 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Kakao Map: 172 Seongmisan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

1000-2200hrs (Mon, Wed-Sun), Closed on Tuesdays

Hongik University Station Exit 3

#2: Cafe Skon.

#3: Cafe Skon.

#4: Cafe Skon.

#5: Cafe Skon.

#6: Cafe Skon.

#7: Cafe Skon.

#8: Cafe Skon.

#9: Cafe Skon.

#10: Never knew pencils could be such a colourful and artsy decor!

#11: Their signature lemon cake, that packaging is too cute!

#12: Lemon Cake, KRW3,000. Latte KRW5,000.

#13: Lemon-shaped lemon cake!

Next, was to another cafe nearby, a doughnut cafe called Fluffy Doughnut. They do doughnuts in 9 flavours, and I wanted to try their raspberry doughnut as it looks just like the cartoon doughnut in Simpsons! There is a minimum order of 1 drink per person for dine-in, so I got a latte again. The doughnut was huge, and indeed fluffy, hahaha. The doughnuts in Singapore are quite dense, while this is softer with a springy texture. 👍🏻👍🏻 Wanted to visit the 3rd cafe but it was getting quite late, so I leave that to another day.

接着到了另一间专卖甜甜圈的咖啡厅,叫 Fluffy Doughnut,离 Cafe Skon 很近。他们共有 9 个口味,我点的是覆盆子口味,因为长得像 Simpsons 里的甜甜圈!内用每人必须至少点一杯饮料,所以又点了杯拿铁。这里的甜甜圈和一般甜甜圈比,算很巨大,也很蓬松。新加坡的甜甜圈口感比较扎实,这里的比较松软。👍🏻👍🏻 其实想去第3间咖啡厅,不过时间已经有点迟了,所以改改天去。

Fluffy Doughnut 플러피도넛

Google Maps: 223-21 Yeonnam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Kakao Map: 163 Seongmisan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

1130-2130hrs (daily)

Hongik University Station Exit 3

#14: Fluffy Doughnut.

#15: Fluffy Doughnut.

#16: Ordered the Raspberry flavour as it looks like Simpsons donut!

#17: Raspberry Doughnut, KRW4,600.

#18: The doughnut is indeed fluffy!

Went to Ahyeon-dong to try one of the most adventurous Korean food. A few years back, trying the ”live“ raw octopus was getting quite a lot of attention. It is definitely dead, but because it has yet to lose it suction abilities, it seems like you are eating live octopus, with it wriggling on the plate, and you can feel the suction cups on your lips and tongue while you chew on this fishy, slippery delicacy. Recently, many people have been trying out Ganjang Gejang, which is raw crabs marinated in soy sauce and a mix of herbs. This store in Ahyeon-dong called ‘Ahyeongdong Ganjang Gejang’ is visited by many Korean celebrities, and appeared on a few variety shows, so chose this store to try. They offer 2 kinds of crabs, flower crab is at KRW18,000 each, and river crab is at KRW10,000 each. Went for the flower crab, and is served together with a bowl of rice, doenjang (soybean paste soup), and some other side dishes. The crab does taste fishy, but not as bad as the octopus. Raw crab meat actually has a pudding-like texture! It was pretty good, but I wouldn’t say it is something that I will eat often and crave for, as it does have a bit of fishy taste. It is also really salty!

然后到了 Ahyeon-dong 尝尝最近很多人都在试吃的生酱蟹!几年前,不就很流行试吃 ”活“ 章鱼吗?其实章鱼是生的,但不是活的。只是因为还没有失去吸力能力,所以看起来像是在吃活章鱼。口感很滑,很腥。最近改流行吃生酱蟹,做法是把生蟹腌在酱油和一些香料里。来到了一间很多韩国艺人关顾,专卖酱蟹的店叫 Ahyeongdong Ganjang Gejang。这里有两种蟹可选,花蟹和河蟹。花蟹一只售价是韩币18,000,河蟹是韩币10,000。点了只花蟹,会附送一碗饭,大酱汤和一些配菜。螃蟹本身腥味一定有,但没有生章鱼那么腥。吃起来像果冻的口感!虽然好吃,但不是一个会想常常吃的食品,味道太咸了!

A-yeondong Ganjang Gejang 아현동간장게장

13 Gullebang-ro, Ahyeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

1000-1400hrs, 1700-2100hrs (Mon-Sat), Closed on Sundays

Ahyeon Station Exit 3

#19: A-yeondong Ganjang Gejang.

#20: Flower Crab, KRW18,000.

#21: The Koreans love to add rice to the shell and mix it together with the roe and sauce!

Next, is to Ttukseom area. Firstly, I went to a resort-style cafe called Cafe & Other. The outdoor area features a nice mini pool with poolside elements like wooden beach chairs. It is a great location to trick your friends that you are having some poolside fun! However, since now it’s winter, the outdoor area is closed. While, the indoors still does have the resort feel! Just not as photogenic as the outdoors. Their drinks are a little on the steep side, and they do sell alcoholic drinks. I got the Strawberry Latte, which consists of chunky bits of strawberries, topped with fresh milk, a thick layer of milk foam and some dried strawberry bits. It is literally strawberry milk, but this is on a whole new level, super good! Then to Matchacha, which specialises in proper tea making and high-end tea drinks. They do tea ceremonies as well. Upon arrival, I was offered a menu that only has 3 drinks and a dessert, not quite sure if they sell other types of drinks, but since the drink that I wanted to get, which is Matcha Blanc, was on the offered menu, I didn’t ask for another menu. The drinks were a combination of milk, chamomile cream, and choice of tea - matcha, hojicha or ssukcha; and the dessert was tea pudding.

接下来到了 Ttukseom 区。先到了一间度假村概念的咖啡厅叫 Cafe & Other。其实他的户外座位空间非常漂亮,有个小泳池和一些泳池概念的设计像木制沙滩椅。可是因为现在是冬天,所以户外部分暂时关闭。室内座位也有点度假村感觉,但没有户外那么漂亮。这里的饮料价格会稍微贵一些,也有卖含酒精的饮料。我点了杯草莓拿铁 - 有一小块一小块的草莓,加上鲜奶,奶盖和一些干草莓碎。基本上简单说,其实就是草莓牛奶。就更高品质,然后口感非常好的草莓牛奶。然后到了 Matchacha,算是间比较高档一点的茶饮店,也有茶道仪式。抵达时,店员交给我的菜单上只有3种饮料和1个甜点,不确定是否有卖其他饮料。但,我想点的饮料,Matcha Blanc,已经在菜单上了,所以也没要求另个菜单。3种饮料的做法其实是一样的,只是茶不一样。饮料包括鲜奶,黄春菊奶油和茶 - 抹茶,焙茶或艾蒿茶。甜点是茶布丁。

Cafe & Other 카페앤아더

Google Maps: 668-104 Seongsu-dong 1-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Kakao Map: 40-10 Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

1000-2300hrs (daily)

Ttukseom Station Exit 1

#22: Cafe & Other.

#23: Cafe & Other.

#24: Strawberry Latte, KRW7,800. A little bit pricey but it tastes really good!

#25: Strawberry Latte.

Matchacha 맛차차

Google Maps: 685-450 Seongsu-dong 1-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Kakao Map: 18-11 Seoulsup 2-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

1100-1900hrs (Tue-Sun), Closed on Mondays

Ttukseom Station Exit 8

#26: Matchacha.

#27: Menu.

#28: Matchacha.

#29: Matchacha.

#30: Preparation counter.

#31: Matcha Blanc, KRW7,500.

Next was to 19 Tea, a boba tea store that started selling souffle pancakes, and at a really affordable price. Souffle Pancakes have recently became one of the latest hit items, and I have always wanted to try it, but it is always sold at ridiculous prices that average out to be about S$15, usually 2 or 3 slices, with some cream and fruits. When Artea opened in Singapore at late December last year, their souffle pancakes was probably the cheapest you can ever get in Singapore, selling at S$8.80 for 2 slices of pancakes (they are smaller in size as compared according to my friend who had tried a few stores), along with some cream and fruits. It is affordable and pretty-looking, however it does not really taste like souffle pancake according to my friend. To me, it tasted like Japanese cheesecake, with a soft and cotton-like texture. This is my first time trying a souffle pancake, so I wasn’t sure how it should taste like. When I tried 19 Tea’s souffle pancake, it brought my impression of souffle pancakes to a whole new level! I guess this is how a souffle pancake should taste like! It was very soft, airy and jiggly, and just melts-in-your-mouth! I got the matcha flavour, which consists of 2 huge slices of pancakes, cream, dusted with matcha powder, and strawberries. It was selling at KRW7,000, which is about S$8.40. Souffle Pancakes lovers should visit this store if you are in Gangnam area!

接着到了间珍珠茶店叫 19 Tea,不久前也开始卖舒芙蕾煎饼,价格也不贵。最近非常受欢迎的食品之一就是舒芙蕾煎饼,一直都很想试试,不过实在是太贵了!通常两,三片就要大概新币15。去年年底,新加坡开了间新的茶饮店,也有卖舒芙蕾煎饼。全新加坡价格最便宜就是这家了,两片煎饼只卖新币8.80(但朋友说和一般舒芙蕾煎饼比,他们的小很多),还有一些奶油和水果。看起来漂亮,价格也比较低,不过口感不是很对。我觉得吃起来的口感接近日式乳酪蛋糕。这是我第一次尝试,所以也不知道这样的口感是否正确。不过试了 19 Tea 的版本后,对舒芙蕾煎饼的印象完全改变!终于知道他在疯什么了,非常的松软,一咬就入口即化!我点的是抹茶口味,有两大片的煎饼,奶油,沙上了抹茶粉,还有一些草莓。重点是只卖韩币7,000,大概是新币8.40。如果有在江南区附近,记得来这家试试!

19 Tea, 19티

Google Maps: 815-4 Yeoksam 1-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Kakao Map: 428 Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

1130-2230hrs (daily)

Gangnam Station Exit 11

#32:19 Tea.

#33: Matcha Souffle Pancake, KRW7,000.

#34: Matcha Souffle Pancake.

It was starting to get late, so I decided to return back to Hongdae. Went to Kakao Friends Store, then to Nipong Naepong for dinner. I tried Nipong Naepong once in Singapore, and it was so good! But it is also quite expensive, about S$15.80-S$17.80 for the jjampongs (there is still 10% service charge and 7% GST = S$18.60-S$20.95). I was surprised to find out that the price range of Nipong Naepong in Korea is just half of Singapore’s! 😱 What? That is right! The jjampongs were selling at KRW6,900-KRW9,200, which is about S$8.40-S$11.15. I had the To Ppong, which is a jjampong with tomato pronto (tomato sauce with chunks of tomatoes) and seafood. It was really good, but a little bit too spicy for me. Went passed Daiso on my way home, and there is a HUGE Daiso here too with 7 storeys. As compared to the one in Myeongdong with 5 storeys, I feel they are about the same size. The one in Myeongdong though it has lesser storeys, but each storey is huge. The one in Hongdae is smaller at each storey, though it has more storeys.

吃完后,天色开始变黑,所以决定回弘大区。先到了 Kakao Friends 专卖店,然后再到 Nipong Naepong 用晚餐。在新加坡试过 Nipong Naepong 一次,真的好好吃,不过价格真的不便宜!单单一碗面就卖新币15.80至17.80之间(包括10%服务费和7%GST = 新币18.60至20.95之间)。意外发行弘大区也有间 Nipong Naepong,而且韩国的价格比新加坡便宜一半 - 韩币6,900至9,200之间,大概是新币8.40至11.15之间。我点了 To Ppong,是番茄海鲜口味的 jjampong(韩式海鲜辣面?)。一样好吃,但对我来说有点太辣。回家路途中,经过了大创。弘大分行的也好大间,有7层楼!不过和明洞的5层楼分行比,觉得大小好像差不多。明洞的虽然少两层,但1层的面积比弘大大。

Kakao Friends Store 카카오 프렌즈샵

162 Yanghwa-ro, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

1030-2200hrs (daily)

Hongik University Station Exit 8

#35: Kakao Friends Store.

#36: Kakao Friends Store.

#37: There's a cafe on the 3rd floor!

#38: Ryan-designed cheese loaf bread, how cute!

#39: Ryan-designed bun with fried egg!

Nipong Naepong 니뽕내뽕

8 Yanghwa-ro 18an-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

1130-1500hrs, 1600-2130hrs (daily)

Hongik University Station Exit 8

#40: To Ppong (tomato), KRW7,900.

#41: To Ppong.

Daiso Hongdae 다이소 홍대

Kakao Map: 182 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Hongik University Station Exit 4

Exchange Rate: S$1 = KRW825

Expenses for Day 5

Strawberry Sandwich: KRW2,300

Snoopy design Strawberry Milk: KRW1,000

Cotton Dust Mask: KRW2,000

Cafe Skon:

- Lemon Cake KRW3,000

- Latte KRW5,000

Fluffy Doughnut:

- Raspberry Donut 라즈베리 KRW4,600

- Latte KRW5,500 아떼 (min. 1 drink per person for dine in)

A-yeondong Ganjang Gejang: KRW18,000 (flower crab)

Cafe & Other: Strawberry Latte 딸기라떼 KRW7,800

Matchacha: Matcha Blanc KRW7,500

19 Tea: Matcha Souffle Pancake KRW7,000

Kakao Friends Store:

- Apeach Egg Cookie KRW1,500

- Ryan Dark Chocolate KRW2,700

- Apeach Pen KRW3,500

- Apeach Notebook KRW3,000

- Apeach Stickers KRW2,000

- Ryan Stickers KRW2,000

Nipong Naepong: To Ppong 토뽕KRW7,900


- Cosmetics Pouch KRW2,000

- Glass Jar KRW2,000

- Pepero double coat Coffee flavour KRW1,000

- A5 Notebook KRW1,000

- Small Notebook (2pcs) KRW2,000

- Small Notebook KRW500

- Canvas Trendy Shoulder Bag KRW3,000

Maxim Instant Coffee: KRW2,200 x2 (2+1)

Crabstick (2pkts): KRW2,500

Total Expenses for Day 5: KRW104,700 = S$126.91

Previous Expenses: S$1,772.34

Current Total Expenses: S$1,899.25

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