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Claypot Chicken Stew


  • 1 mid-size whole chicken - head, feet and butt removed, spilt open at the back

  • 1/2 napa cabbage - cut into pieces

  • 1 carrot - peeled and cut into pieces

  • 3 garlic cloves - peeled and chopped

  • 4 ginger slices

  • 3 shallots - peeled and sliced

  • 1 cilantro root - chopped

  • 1 pack black fungus - soaked and cut into pieces

  • Handful of dried scallops - soaked, reserve soaking liquid

  • 3 danggui

  • 4 red dates

  • 6-8 dried longan

  • Salt and pepper


  • 0.5tsp salt

  • 1.5tbsp oyster sauce

  • 200ml stock (🔍 bone and collagen stock)


  1. Season chicken with salt and pepper.

  2. In a large claypot, add 1-2tbsp oil over medium heat. Add in garlic, ginger, shallots and cilantro root. Saute till fragrant.

  3. Add in scallops and soaking liquid. Followed by danggui, red dates, longans and carrot. Allow to simmer for a few mins.

  4. Add in some cabbage and black fungus. Place whole chicken over, followed by remaining cabbage and black fungus.

  5. Mix seasoning ingredients together and pour over. Allow to simmer covered on low heat for 40mins, till chicken and vegetables are tender.


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