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Seafood Pumpkin Yellow Curry


  • 400-500g salmon fillet - cut into pieces

  • 8-12 prawns - peeled and deveined, reserve shells

  • 3-4 ginger slices

  • 1 small yellow onion - peeled and chopped

  • 200g pumpkin - peeled and cut into pieces

  • 2 tau kwa - cut into pieces and fried

  • 1/4-1/2 head Beijing cabbage - cut into pieces

  • 1tbsp palm sugar

  • Salt and pepper

[Spice Paste]

  • 6 garlic cloves - peeled

  • 2 red chilli - sliced

  • 2 lemongrass - outer layers removed

  • 1/2tsp turmeric powder

  • 1tbsp fish sauce

  • 1 cilantro root

  • 1tbsp fresh lime juice

  • 2tbsp old ginger - peeled


  1. Season salmon with salt and pepper. Pan fry till just crisp on the outside. Set aside.

  2. Pan fry prawn shells for awhile, then add in 1 cup cooking oil over medium-low heat and cook till fragrant, about 8-10mins. Strain and reserve oil.

  3. Rinse prawn shells and place in a pot with 800ml water and ginger slices. Simmer for 30mins.

  4. Blend spice paste ingredients together into a smooth paste.

  5. In a stew pot, add in 1tbsp prawn oil over medium-low heat. Add in onion and spice paste, saute till fragrant.

  6. Add in prawn stock and pumpkin, and bring to a simmer.

  7. Add in tau kwa and cabbage, and let simmer for 5-6mins. Followed by sugar, salt and pepper.

  8. Lastly, add in prawns and salmon. Let simmer for 5mins or till meat are cooked through.


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