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[Virtual Travel] Autumn in Seoul Day 1

0800hrs: Arrive at Incheon Airport, Immigration and Baggage Collection

0900hrs: PCR test

1030hrs: To accommodation at Hongdae (1hr)

1130hrs: Check-in to accommodation, wait for swab test result (about 2-3hrs)

Option 1: Airbnb

I found this Airbnb which is like a studio apartment with balcony.

I am not quite sure what interior design style this is called, but I'm loving the brick walls and leather sofas!

Lunch at Donko Bossam 돈코보쌈

"Bossam" is thinly sliced pork belly that is boiled with spices. If you are familiar with the Korean way of eating barbecued meat, which is wrapped it in lettuce, you should try this version.

1530hrs: Coffee break at Nak-Won 낙원역카페

Cafe with a train station concept, featuring a real abandoned train track!

1600hrs: Coffee break at Seoul Coffee 서울커피 (Ikseon-dong)

Probably the OG of setting a cafe in a hanok (traditional house) before others follow suit.

1630hrs: Walk around Ikseondong Hanok Village 익선동한옥거리, Ikseondong Ssal Sanghoe 익선동쌀상회

Ikseondong Hanok Village which first established in the 1920s, offers a unique blend of traditional and modern elements. The narrow alleyways are filled with unique shops and cafes. The traditional houses (called hanok) are well preserved and many are converted into shops, cafes and restaurants.

Try out Ssal Sanghoe, which is a hotteok stall - a traditional chewy dessert made using glutinous rice flour with a filling of honey and peanut. Other than the standard filling, they also offer other flavours like japchae, pizza, chicken and beef.

1730hrs: Dessert break at Dongbaek Bakery 동백양과점

Very popular strawberry souffle pancake that has even appeared on variety shows like "The Return of Superman".

1830hrs: Hongdae 홍대 Street Shopping

object 오브젝트

Stylenanda 스타일난다 (Hongdae)

Sappun 사뿐 (Hongdae)

theninemall 더나인몰

ABC Mart ABC마트

market a

1930hrs: Dinner at Baek Nyeon Baekse Ginseng Chicken Soup 백년토종삼계탕

Samgyetang, aka ginseng chicken soup, is one of the must-try dishes in Korea. This is one popular store at Hongdae. The Korean way stuffs glutinous rice in the chicken and the chicken is served as a whole.


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