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[Virtual Travel] Perth Road Trip Day 7

10am: Fika on Brix, Mundy Regional Park, Lesmurdie Falls (2hrs)

After breakfast at Fika on Brix, we head north east to Mundy Park. Fika on Brix serves up beautiful french toast and pancake stacks, dishing up a monthly special pancake flavour for Sundays! Like how it’s vanilla bean pancakes with strawberries this month, and pancakes with peach, blackberry and salted caramel for last month.

Mundy Regional Park has multiple walking and running trails. One of its main attraction, Lesmurdie Falls, is the largest and the most magnificent waterfall in Perth!

1:30pm: To 3230 Smoke + Grill (30mins)

3230 Smoke + Grill is a burger place with unique and crazy combinations. I mean who puts mac and cheese in a burger?

3:15pm: Kmart @ East Victoria Park, Yagan Square + dinner

Kmart is an affordable retail store, you can get so many things here! Smaller items like stationeries, cookbooks, tumblrs, toys and snacks go as low as $5 and below! This place is so good to shop, it’s like Daiso, you literally can go crazy shopping here!

Yagan Square is like a community hub, great for meetings, connections, celebrations... It offers a range of experiences and activities, like spaces for relaxation and play, market hall, dining spots, digital media and engaging public art. Its design incorporates the history of the Aboriginal Australians, providing a window into the Noongar culture.

Yagan Square is named after the Noongar leader, Yagan. It features a digital tower, symbolising the reeds once found here, with 14 columns rising from the middle, representing the 14 Noongar language groups. The canopies symbolises the lakes which once occupied the site. Its landscaping features native trees and plants, reflecting the site’s history.

Last night in Perth!


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