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[Virtual Travel] Rome + Venice Day 10

I don't know why Instagram is not loading on desktop version, so I can't do the html code method.

9am: Check-out of hotel, store luggage at hotel, Breakfast at Bar Ducale

It’s down to the last day of the Italy trip! We have till 1:30pm before we leave for the airport, not going too far away. After check-out and storing the luggage at the hotel, proceed to Bar Ducale for breakfast, which is just next to the hotel.

Google reviews: 4.5 stars

10:30am: Contarini Fasan Palace / Palazzo Contarini Fasan (look at church opposite), walk around

The church opposite is St Mary of Health, a beautiful blue dome Roman Catholic church. Visit Contarini Fasan Palace first to get a nice full photo of church from across the canal.

Contarini Fasan Palace is a small gothic palace from the 15th century, once owned by the Contarini family. It gained attention after being reference to one of the plays by William Shakespeare, as the home of Desdemona, one of the characters in Othello.

12pm: St Mary of Health / Santa Maria della Salute (into the church)

In 1630, Venice experienced an unusual devastating outbreak of the plague and killed a third of its population within a year. St Mary of Health was built dedicated to Virgin Mary, who was thought to be the protector of the Republic.

1:30pm: Back to hotel to grab luggage, to Airport

3pm: Arrive at Venice Marco Polo International Airport

5pm: Depart to Singapore


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