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[Virtual Travel] Sydney Day 6

9am: Breakfast at The Mayflower

The Mayflower is a beautiful cafe filled with flowers in pink and other matching colours.

10:30am: Museum of Sydney

The museum was built on the ruins of NSW’s first Governor‘s house, Arthur Phillip, which was also Australia’s first Government House, built in 1788. The Museum of Sydney explores colonial and contemporary Sydney through objects, pictures, and new digital media techniques, from 1788 till today.

12:30pm: Lunch at El Camino Cantina

El Camino Cantina is a Texas-Mexican style restaurant filled with vibrant colours! Pop right in for amazing Mexican delights and their popular frozen margaritas.

1:30pm: Susannah Place Museum

The Susannah Place was a former grocery store and workers’ cottages built in 1844, now as a historic house museum. It is made up of four multi-level terraces, with a two-storey facade facing onto Gloucester Street and a three-storey facade on the other side. Each house was originally built with six rooms over three levels, with the kitchen in the basement and external outhouses. As a museum, it aims to preserve the evidence of the building’s use and its adaptation to the changing needs of its occupants over 150yrs.

4pm: Diamond Bay Reserve

The Diamond Bay Reserve is a popular photo-taking spot with iconic stone gate, cliffs and the beautiful emerald blue sea of the South Pacific Ocean. It is voted as the most beautiful cliff of the Southern Hemisphere.

6:30pm: Dinner at The Butler

The Butler is a beautiful chic French-style botanical-themed cafe restaurant, serving up pretty and colourful food that don’t just look good but taste amazing too. If the weather permits, sitting outdoors is great too!


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