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[Virtual Travel] Taipei + Taichung Day 2

8:30am: Rainbow Crosswalk at Ximending In May 2019, Taiwan became the first Asian country to make it legal for same-gender marriage. The Rainbow Six (6号彩虹/6號彩虹) was added in September 2019 and can be found outside Ximen Station exit 6, symbolising Taipei’s respect for human rights and gender equality. It has since become one of the most popular attraction in Taipei!

9am: Ronin’s Love Song 浪人情歌

Ronin’s Love Song is a retro Hong Kong-style cafe that serves classic cha chaan teng items like polo bun, french toast and soup noodles.

10am: Chill at Cafe Noote

Cafe Noote is just 400m away from Ronin’s Love Song. It’s a minimalistic industrial style cafe. Pop right in for a coffee break and a slice of their signature tiramisu.

11am: Sanxia Old Street 三峡老街/三峽老街

Take bus BL17 from Jiangzichui Station to Banqiao Flower Market, then change to bus 910 and alight at Sanxia Junior High School.

Sanxia Old Street is about 200m in length and dates back to the early 1900s. Back in the days, Sanxia was an important goods distribution centre for the Northern Taiwan due to its location. However, it slowly lost its economic advantages to other locations due to modernisation. Although the town has lose its purpose, it is still preserved for its cultural value.

1:30pm: Land Bank Exhibition Hall of National Taiwan Museum 国立台湾博物馆/國立臺灣博物館

The National Taiwan Museum established in 1908 is the oldest museum in Taiwan. The museum consists of the main building, the natural history branch, nanmen branch and the railway department. The Land Bank Exhibition Hall, which is the natural history branch, has an ongoing exhibit about dinosaurs which includes specimens from the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras. Admission is Nt$30.

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7pm: Tong Xin Mee Sua 同心大肠蚵仔面线/同心大腸蚵仔麵線

Tong Xin Mee Sua is one of the locals’ favourite mee sua place. They offer oysters, intestines and pork balls as toppings for their mee sua. On top of that, you can also get some poached/fried oysters, oyster soup, braised intestines and pickled cabbage. If you are game for it, try the hot selling sticky beancurd!


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