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[Virtual Travel] Taipei + Taichung Day 4

10am: Lavender Cottage 薰衣草森林

[Leave Taipei at 8am]

Same as day 3, take the HSR to Taichung from Taipei Main Station - 1hr. There isn’t any public transport that would bring you to the location, so you have got to grab a cab from Taichung HSR Station, about 1hr drive. The Lavender Cottage is a non-profit business set up by two girls purely for the love of lavenders, and to create a breathing space for reflection and relaxation. The land used for the attraction belongs to one of the founder’s grandfather.

Blooming period for the lavender is estimated to be between Nov-May, with full bloom during winter from Jan-Feb. Other than lavenders, it also has many other types of flowers in purple. Other than enjoying the lavender field, you can also find lots of lavender themed items and snacks here. Admission is NT$200.

[12pm: back to Taichung City]

[free time]

4pm: Zhou Soup Dumplings 周汤包/周湯包

Zhou’s dumplings are super popular and affordable. There is only 2 kinds to choose from - regular pork dumplings at NT$60, and with prawns at NT$70, 6pcs per portion. It’s just a food cart, so you’ve got to be prepared to stand and eat by the roadside.

4:45pm: Cultural Heritage Park 台中文化资产园区/台中文化資產園區

The Cultural Heritage Park is a multifunctional park converted from what used to be a brewery factory during the Japanese ruling, built in 1916. After the surrender in 1945, it was taken over by Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau and the brewing business was continued till 1998 when the factory production was forced to relocate. It was then left abandoned. In 2009, it was opened to the public as Taichung Cultural and Creative Industries Park as an art exhibition and performance venue; and relaunched as Cultural Heritage Park in 2018.

6pm: Chik’n&Chow 雞排本色

Large chicken cutlet is an iconic street snack you can get in Taiwan. There are so many diff variations and flavours - often come in the form of seasoning powders, but none has actually flavour the coating instead. At Chik’n&Chow, they offer chicken with different coloured batter. The colourings are all natural, no food colouring - red yeast, tomato, pumpkin, matcha, gardenia blue, purple sweet potato, beetroot and squid ink.


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