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[Virtual Travel] Tokyo Day 8

9:30am: Dumbo Doughnuts and Coffee ダンボ ドーナツ アンド コーヒー (Minato City)

11am: Edo-Tokyo Museum 江戸東京博物館

A historical museum that opened in 1993 to preserve Edo's cultural heritage, and was the first museum built dedicated to the history of Tokyo. It features city models of Edo and Tokyo between 1590 and 1964.

1pm: Tokyo Ramen Street, First Avenue Tokyo Station 東京駅一番街

First Avenue Tokyo Station is Tokyo Station’s underground mall and splits into Tokyo Ramen Street, Tokyo Character Street, Tokyo Okashi Land, Tokyo Gourmet Zone, Nippon Gourmet Road and Tokyo Gift Palette.

3:30pm: L’eclair de Genie レクレール・ドゥ・ジェニ

L’eclair de Genie is owned by renowned pastry chef, Christophe Adam. Eclairs are no longer just an elongated choux puff topped with chocolate, but Chris was the one that started the eclair transformation into colourful pastries with fancy flavours.

5pm: Tokyo Tower 東京タワー (from Prince Shiba Park, Onarimon Station)

A communications and observation tower built in 1958. It is Japan’s second tallest structure and world’s tallest self-supported steel tower, modelled after Eiffel Tower. It is painted in white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations.

The tower has two decks - main deck at 150m above ground and top deck at 250m. The top deck is Japan’s third highest observation deck, after the two decks at Tokyo Skytree. If you will like to have some street shots of the tower, here is some recommended locations.

6:30pm: McDonald’s マクドナルド (Takanawa)

I always make it a must to try the country’s McDonald’s as every country has their own exclusive items. Mcd Japan has teriyaki burger, shrimp burger, edamame and mini pancakes!


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