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[Virtual Travel] Turkey + Bulgaria Day 2: Cappadocia, Istanbul

4am: Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

When you are in Cappadocia, you cannot miss out the hot air balloon ride! Since we did a sunset experience for the camel ride, we will do a sunrise experience for the hot air balloon ride. Magic hours are just so beautiful, isn’t it? Pick-up for the balloon ride is at 4am. It’s a 60mins ride, and it comes with light breakfast and a glass of champagne.

9am: Cappadocia Blue Tour

After drop-off from the balloon ride, take a break and enjoy some breakfast provided by the hotel, while waiting for the next tour to start. If you ain’t sure where to go in Cappadocia, it is always good to go on a guided tour. Tours are generally categorised into red, green and blue tour, grouping attractions based on distance.

5:30pm: Dinner at Oscar Steak House

After drop-off from the Cappadocia tour, dinner is at Oscar Steak House, walking distance from the hotel. Having something familiar in a foreign place is just comforting. The alfresco area offers great views of Goreme. Steaks and cheddar burger are highly recommended!

7pm: Depart to Istanbul

After dinner, it’s time to depart to the airport for a 1.5hrs flight to Istanbul. Upon arriving at Istanbul Airport, proceed to The Galataport Hotel to check-in. The Galataport Hotel overlooks the Galata Tower, a 9-storey medieval stone tower built in 1384, the tallest building in Istanbul at that time. It was used by the Ottomans as a prison in the 16th century, then for the Ottoman military band in the 18th century, and lastly as a watchtower for fires in the city in the 19th century.


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