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[Virtual Travel] Turkey + Bulgaria Day 6: Plovdiv

9am: Arrive at Central Bus Station, to Plovdiv

After check-out from Airbnb, proceed to Central Bus Station and board the bus heading to Plovdiv, a 2hrs 20mins ride.

12:30pm: Arrive at Plovdiv, Central Railway Station, Check-in to Airbnb

Upon arriving at Plovdiv at Central Railway Station, accommodation is just within walking distance. I found this simple Bohemian-style 1 bedroom apartment that is going at just $40/night!

Plovidv is the 2nd largest city in Bulgaria, and is the cultural city of Bulgaria. The city has historically developed on seven syenite hills, thus Plovdiv is often referred as "The City of the Seven Hills". The city of Plovdiv has been taken over by many, with evidence of habitation dating back to 6th millennium BC. In 1878 after the Russian-Turkish war, Plovdiv was taken away from the Ottoman rule by the Russian army. In 1885, Plovdiv joined Bulgaria together with Eastern Rumelia.

2pm: Lunch at Multi Culti

Multi Culti is a welcoming cafe that offers classic favourites from around the world. You can get a British Fish and Chips, a Polish bagel sandwich, or a Vietnamese sandwich called “Banh Mi”, and many others here. It’s a lovely place to hangout, or just chill over a cup of coffee or a glass of drink.

3pm: Ancient Stadium of Philippopolis, Dzhumaya Mosque

The Stadium of Philippopolis was the ancient Roman stadium of Philippopolis (ancient name of Plovdiv), built in the 2nd century AD, during the Roman Empire. It is one of the largest and best preserved buildings from the time of the Roman Empire. The spectators’ seats are tiered in 14 rows, which could seat up to 30,000 spectators. The seats are made of solid marble blocks and the front parts are stylized lion paws.

One of the buildings located next to the Roman stadium is the Dzhumaya Mosque, serve as the main mosque of Plovdiv. The original building was built in 1363 on the site of the Sveta Petka Tarnovska Cathedral Church after the conquest of Plovdiv by the Ottoman army. Under the order of Sultan Murad I, the original mosque was demolished and rebuilt to a modern-style mosque in 1433. Unlike other mosques which only have one dome, Dzhumaya has 9 domes, covered with lead. With its impressive size, the mosque is not just one of the largest Ottoman monuments in Bulgaria, but also one of the most impressive buildings in the Balkans. It is a national monument of culture and one of the 4 oldest buildings in Plovdiv that has never changed its purpose.

5pm: Break at Barabana

Barabana is a cozy wood-and-brick style cafe located at Kapana, the hipster street of Plovdiv. The area was developed into a trendy and artsy district in the recent years.

6pm: Dinner at Pizza Lab

At Pizza Lab, you get to customise your own pizza! Choose from your choice of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings! It is super popular, highly rated, and is one of the locals’ favourite pizza place!


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