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Hi, welcome to my page!

Enjoys solo travelling, no luxury holidays, just more than enough to be comfortable!


This is my hideaway space, an anonymous platform where I share my travel adventures. Sometimes, I like to pick up the whisk or the pan, and whip up something extraordinary, so I love to collect good food recipes as well.

I love exploring new places, learning the difference in history, experiencing the difference in culture. Surprising why I did not take up history as a subject back in school. I love taking photos, capturing moments, keeping them as memories.

I went on my first solo trip to Australia in 2015 after my bachelors, and ever since I have been constantly planning for future adventures. It never stops.

I love cooking and baking as well, and was exploring various elements to create new ideas back in the years. Ever since I started working full-time, I cut that out a lot and now I am more on exploring new dining places and I never miss out cafe-hopping when I am out of this tiny island.

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