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5-day Royal Caribbean Itinerary


PCR test done 1-3 days before

Passport is required

BLOG: Onboard Royal Caribbean!

Day 1

1pm: Arrived at Marina Bay Cruise Centre

Baggage Check-in

Queue up for ART test, wait for negative result to be in, about 30-40mins

Health Screening and Immigration

Onboard, report to safety briefing muster station

Connect to ship's wifi and book activity slots

Check-in to room

3:30pm: Lunch at Windjammer (buffet-style)

4:30pm: Walk around deck 14 and 15

5pm: Back to room to chill

6:30pm: Bumper cars (reservation required)

7pm: Dinner at Main Dining Room (plated)

Ship starts sailing into International Waters

8:15pm: Starwater ft. Violinist Nadiia (dance and singing show incorporating special lighting effects, reservation require)

10pm: Sequins and Feathers (Las Vegas-style show, high energy dancing and singing with beautiful costumes, reservation required)


Day 2

9am: Breakfast at Main Dining Room

9:45am: Napkin Folding

10:30am: Crossword Challenge

11am: Morning walk at deck 15

11:30am: Origami class

12:15pm: Lunch at Main Dining Room

1:15pm: XBOX (40mins play time per booking)

2:15pm: Word Search Challenge

2:45pm: Arcade (US$1.50 per play)

3:15pm: Visual Trivia - Famous Landmarks

4:15pm: takeaway sausages from SeaPlex Doghouse, back to room to chill

7:30pm: Dinner at Main Dining Room

8:30pm: Tropical Band (mixture of Caribbean music and pop songs)

9:30pm: Movie screening - Chaos Walking

Day 3

9:30am: Breakfast at Main Dining Room

10:15am: Chill at La Patisserie (iced latte 20oz US$5.60)

10:45am: Heart Box Making

11:15am: Chill at Solarium

12pm: Visual Trivia - Famous Places

12:30pm: Lunch at Main Dining Room

1:30pm: Brain Boggler Riddles

2:15pm: Visual Trivia - Cartoon Characters

3pm: Name that Lyric

3:30pm: Chill at Sorrento's

4:15pm: Photo Scavenger Hunt

5pm: James Bustar (juggling slow, reservation required)

6pm: Back to room to chill

7:15pm: Dinner at Main Dining Room

9pm: Kinetic Band (mixture of oldies and pop songs)


Day 4

8:30am: Breakfast at Main Dining Room

9:45am: Sudoku Challenge

10:30am: Word Finder Challenge

11:15am: Towel Folding

12:15pm: Trivia - Marvel Comics

12:45pm: Lunch at Main Dining Room

2pm: Ribbons to Roses

3pm: Scattergories Games

3:45pm: Chill at Cafe Two70

4:30pm: Back to room to chill

Skipped dinner because I overslept

8pm: The Magic of Zlwin (reservation required)

Night walk at deck 15

9:15pm: Tropical Band

10pm: Kinetic Band

11:15pm: takeaway pizzas from Sorrento's back to room

Day 5

Arrived at Singapore

7:30am: Breakfast at Main Dining Room

8:15am: Disembark

Swab test not required after disembarkment

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