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10-day Taipei Itinerary


*___* - Places that you should not missed out!


Day 1: Arrived in Taipei

Arrived at Taiwan Taoyuan Airport | 台湾桃园国际机场

Chunghwa Telecom | 中华电信 - prepaid SIM card

To Taipei Main Station | 台北车站接运站 via Bus 1819

Grab Easycard | 悠游卡 - Taipei's public transport card

Check-in to Airbnb accommodation

Taipei City Mall | 台北地下街

*Ximending* | 西门町


Day 2

Taipei Story House | 台北故事馆

*Maji Maji Square* | 集食行乐

*Taipei Expo Park* | 花博公园 > Despicable Me Exhibition

*Shelter* | 别所

*BAKE Cheese Tart*

*Shilin Night Market* | 士林夜市


Day 3

*Ay Chung Mee Sua* | 阿宗面线

*Miniatures Museum of Taiwan* | 袖珍博物馆

*Fika Fika Cafe*

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall | 中正纪念堂

50 Lan | 50岚

*Huashan 1914 Creative Park* | 华山1914文化创意产业园区

*Jack and Nana Coffee Store*


Day 4

*Somebody Cafe* | 贰拾陆巷

The Red House | 西门红楼

*Mangka Lungshan Temple* | 艋舺龙山寺

*Dazzling Cafe Pink*

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall | 国父纪念馆

*Long Time Ago Cafe* | 梦游咖啡馆

East Metro Mall | 东区地下街

*Ximending* | 西门町


Day 5

*Din Tai Fung* | 鼎泰丰

*Nom Nom*

*Matcha One*

Da'an Park | 大安森林公园

*Stoppage Time* | 补时

Cafe Trouve | 找到咖啡

Day 6

*Meat Up*

*White Whale* | 白色鲸鱼

*Coffee Megane* | 眼睛咖啡

Breeze Song Gao | 微风松高

A Poet

*Formosa Chang* | 胡须张

*Raohe Street Night Market* | 饶河街观光夜市


Day 7

*4Mano Caffe*

Taipei South Gate | 台北南门

National Museum of History | 国立历史博物馆

> Pixar 30 Years of Animation Exhibition

*Yongkang Street* | 永康街

*Slack Season* | 度小月

Tian Jin Scallion Pancake | 天津葱抓饼

*8% Ice* | 8%冰淇淋专门店

*BAKE Cheese Tart*


Day 8

*Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice* | 金凤卤肉饭

Smoothie House | 思慕昔

*Boite de Bijou* | 珠宝盒法式点心坊


*Taipei 101, 35F Starbucks* | ,台北101, 35楼星巴克

*Skin Food Cafe*

Day 9

*Fujin Street* | 富锦街

*Fujin Tree 353 Cafe* | 富锦树353咖啡

*Jiufen Old Street* | 九份老街

*Shifen Old Street* | 十分老街

*Curry House Coco Ichibanya* | COCO壹番屋咖喱专卖店

Day 10 - Back to Singapore

Get ready to leave

Check-out from accommodation

To Taipei Main Station | 台北车站接运站

To Taiwan Taoyuan Airport | 台湾桃园国际机场 via Bus 1819

Check-in baggage

Back to Singapore


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