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10-day South Korea Itinerary (Winter)



*___* - Places that you should not missed out!

Most of the places that I went this time round were so good that I will put

**___** (2 stars) for places that are a MUST visit!

Recommended places are based on my preference.


Day 1: Hwacheon

[0530hrs] Arrived at Incheon Airport | 인천국제공항

[0630hrs] To Seoul

[0730hrs] Lock Luggage at Hongdae Station

[1130hrs] *Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival | 얼음나라 화천산천어축제*

- Ice Fishing

- Snow Sledding

- And many other winter activities

- Every January only

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Day 2

Garosugil Street Shopping | 가로수길 (Hippest street in Seoul!)

**Yeonlib Coffee | 연립커피**

**Etoile | 에뚜왈** (French pastries bakery)

**Maman Gateau | 마망까토** (cafe)

*Cafe.89 Mansion* (Actor Lee Jong Suk's cafe)

*LINE Friends Store and Cafe*

*Cafe Kitsune | 카페 키츠네*

**Myeongdong Kyoja | 명동교자** (Korean dumplings - I have this every time!)

**BHC Chicken | BHC치킨** (the place that started the chimaek craze!)

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Day 3: Paju-si

[0830hrs] *DMZ Tour* (a glimpse at North Korea):

- Pick-up at Accommodation

- Imjingak Park | 임진각관광지

- Dora Observatory | 도라 전망대

- 3rd Infiltration Tunnel | 3 차 침투 터널

- Dorasan Station | 도라산역

- Drop-off at City Hall Station

[1430hrs] **Korea Samgyetang | 고려삼계탕** (Korean ginseng chicken soup)

O'sulloc Teahouse | 오설록 티하우스 (matcha themed cafe)

*Daiso (Myeongdong) | 다이소* (5 storeys!)

Migabon | 미가본 (Korean porridge)

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Day 4

*Fave Bakery | 페이브 베이커리* (bakery cafe)

Mangwondong Tiramisu | 망원동 티라미수

**Gureumi Sando | 구르미산도** (tamagoyaki sandwich)

Tteok Museum | 떡박물관 (Korean ricecake museum)

**Mukshidonna | 먹쉬돈나** (Korean 'army stew')

Kafe Tone | 카페톤

Homeplus | 홈플러스 (supermarket)

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Day 5

*Cafe Skon | 카페스콘*

Fluffy Doughnut | 플러피도넛

Ayeongdong Ganjang Gejang | 아현동간장게장 (soy sauce marinated raw crabs)

*Cafe & Other | 카페앤아더* (resort themed cafe)

*Matchacha | 맛차차* (matcha themed cafe)

**19 Tea | 19티** (soufflé pancake)

*Kakao Friends Store | 카카오 프렌즈샵*

**Nipong Naepong | 니뽕내뽕** (fusion jjamppong, risotto, tortilla pizza)

*Daiso (Hongdae) | 다이소8 (7 storeys!)

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Day 6

**Idaejo Ppyeodagwi | 이대조뼈다귀** (Korean pork ribs soup)

*Nocturne No.5 | 녹턴넘버5* (6 levels of matcha gelato intensity!)

*Zapangi | 자판기* (cafe)

Ewha Street | 이화

Ewha Woman's University | 이화여자대학교

*Mashi China | 맛이차이나* (black bean sauce noodles)

*Bistopping | 비스토핑* (ice cream)

*Hongdae Street | 홍대*

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Day 7: Gapyeong

*Young Farmer Strawberry Experience Farm | 어린농부 딸기체험농장*

- Every December to June only

- Jam Making

- Strawberry Picking

Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park | 에델바이스 스위스 테마파크

The Garden of Morning Calm | 아침고요수목원

Kyochon | 교촌 (Korean fried chicken)

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Day 8

**Isaac Toast | 이삭 토스트 (Korean toast)**

*Carin Hongdae Lounge | 카린 홍대 라운지 (cafe)*

*Museum Kimchikan | 뮤지엄김치간* (Kimchi museum)

- Kimchi Making

Egg Drop | 에그드랍 (Korean toast)

*C. Through Cafe | 씨스루 카페*

*Lotte Mart | 롯데마트* (supermarket)

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Day 9

*Bread Comma | 빵콤마 (bakery cafe)*

*Tongin Market | 통인시장* (ancient coins lunchbox) - closed for the holidays

*Seodaemun Prison History Hall | 서대문형무소역사관*

*Aori Ramen | 아오리의 행방불명* (Big Bang Seungri's ramen store)

Milestone Coffee | 마일스톤커피 (full house)

**Florte Flower Café | 러빈허** (flower themed cafe)

*Object | 오브젝트* (designer goods, accessories, stationeries, cute stuff)

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Day 10: Seollal, Back to Singapore

[1100hrs] Check-out of Accommodation

[1130hrs] Lock Luggage at Hongdae Station

*Changdeokgung | 창덕궁*

*Namsangol Hanok Village | 남산골한옥마을*

Hongdae Street | 홍대

[1700hrs] To Incheon Airport | 인천국제공항

[2000hrs] Back to Singapore

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