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8-day Hong Kong Itinerary

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*___* - Places that you should not missed out!

Recommended places are based on my preference.


Day 1: Arrived in Hong Kong

Arrived at Hong Kong Airport | 抵达香港机场

Grab Octopus Card - Hong Kong's transport card

Man Mo Temple | 文武庙

*Halfway Coffee | 半岛咖啡*

*Social Place | 唐宫小聚*

*Graham Street Mural | 嘉咸街壁画*

Tiger Sugar | 老虎堂 👎🏻

Check-in to hotel - L'etoile de Mer | 入住酒店 - 海の星宿

*Tsui Wah Restaurant | 翠华餐厅*

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Day 2

*Cross Cafe | 十字冰室 (Sai Ying Pun 西营盘)*

*Chau Kee | 周记点心*

*% Arabica* - BEST Coffee in Hong Kong!

*Ngong Ping 360 (Cable Car) | 昂坪360 (缆车)*

*Ngong Ping Village | 昂坪村*

Tian Tan Buddha | 天坛大佛

Po Lin Monastery | 宝莲寺

Australia Dairy Company | 澳洲牛奶公司

*N1 Coffee & Co*

*Mammy Pancake | 妈咪鸡蛋仔*

*Aboutea | 花斑茶社* - 3rd Best Brown Sugar Boba Milk!

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Day 3

*Tsui Wah Restaurant | 翠华餐厅*

*Yee Shun Milk Company | 港澳义顺牛奶公司*

*Xing Fu Tang | 幸福堂* - BEST Brown Sugar Boba Milk!

Barista Jam

*Tai Kwun | 大馆*

*Elephant Grounds*

*Yum Cha | 饮茶*

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Day 4

*Trusty Congee King | 靠得住靓粥*

*Tai Cheong Bakery | 泰昌饼家*

*Honolulu Coffee Shop | 檀岛咖啡饼店*

*Brew Bros Coffee*

*Kau Kee | 九记牛腩*

*Hakawa Chocolate*

Oddies Foodies

*Rabbitland Cafe*

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Day 5

*Xing Fu Tang | 幸福堂*

Tsim Chai Kee Noodle Shop | 沾仔记云吞面

*The Cupping Room* - 2nd Best Coffee in Hong Kong!

*Heritage of Mei Ho House | 美荷楼生活馆*

*More Eggettes | 摩芽鸡蛋仔*

*Choi Hung Estate | 彩虹村*

*Queen Sophie | 酥妃皇后*

*Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery | 金华冰厅*

*Via Tokyo*

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Day 6

*Ichiran Ramen | 一兰拉*

*Tong Chong Street Market | 糖厂街市*

*Kam Wah Cafe & Bakery | 金华冰厅*

Ladies Market | 女人街

Dakasi Tea | 大卡司

Hong Kong Avenue of Comic Stars | 香港漫画星光大道

*Dim Sum Icon | 点心代表*

*Hanjuku Kobo | 半熟工房*

Uji-En | 宇治园 👎🏻

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Day 7

*Belle Epoque | 美好年代* - 2nd Best Brown Sugar Boba Milk!

*Chrisly Cafe | 华星冰室 (Wan Chai 湾仔)*

Hong Kong Science Museum | 香港科学馆 👎🏻

Hong Kong Museum of History | 香港历史博物馆 👎🏻

*Craft Coffee Roaster*

*Chrisly Cafe | 华星冰室 (Mongkok 旺角)*

*SOGO Hong Kong Department Store | 香港崇光百货*

*Hang Heung Cake Shop | 恆香老饼家*

*I Cremeria*

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Day 8 - Back to Singapore

Check-out of Hotel | 退房

*Cross Cafe | 十字冰室 (Causeway Bay 铜锣湾)*

*Golden Cup Specialty Coffee*

*Cafe Seasons | 四季常餐*

*Lee Tung Street | 利东街*

*Calbee+ | 卡乐B*


Kam's Roast Goose | 甘牌烧鹅 👎🏻

*Lady M*

*% Arabica*

To Hong Kong Airport | 前往香港机场

Back to Singapore | 返回新加坡

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