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9-day Seoul + Gapyeong Itinerary


Travelled in Sept 2023 - mask-wearing, swab tests, quarantine not required. Travel as per normal pre-covid times. K-ETA is required.

Day 1

0600h: Arrive at Incheon Airport

- Get data SIM card from LG U+

AREX to Hongdae Station

Stored luggage here - Airbnb not ready for check-in

Cafe // Morning Calm Coffee Lab

The Hyundai Seoul (mall)

Cafe // Super Matcha (keto-friendly matcha)

Charlie's Grocery (trendy-looking grocer)

Cafe // Nuldam Space (post a letter to the future)

Back to Hongdae, check-in to Airbnb

Day 2

Ikseondong Hanok Village

Cafe // Seoul Coffee

Cafe // Nakwon (converted from an old train stop)

Ikseon Shooting Club (gun shooting)

Walk around Ikseon-dong

Cafe // Soha Salt Pond (salt bun)

Cafe // +Smore Market Toy House (Toy Story cafe + Disney merch)

Nonfiction (lifestyle products & fragrances)

London Bagel House - full house, couldn't get in!

Bonjuk (Korean porridge)

Seochon Hanok Village

Day 3

Cafe // Perception (coffee)

Nodeul Island ("Start Up" filming location)

Cafe // Milestone Coffee (tiramisu)

Walk around Sinsa-dong

Pizza Express (photos only)

Tamburins (lifestyle products & fragrances)

Ader Error (apparel + gallery)

Nice Weather Market (apparel + random items)

Cafe // Nudake "The Croissant" - 1hr wait!

Idaejop Pyeodagwi (haejangguk - pork bone soup)

Hongbox Coin Karaoke (noraebang)

Day 4

Cafe // Cafe Layered (scones in many flavours)

Walk around Yeonnam-dong

Visual Aid (apparel, bags, caps)

Cafe // However (collab with paint brand, Samhwa)

U-PLEX (mall)

- Uniqlo

- Wonderplace

- Arc N Book

Isaac Toast

object (household items & stationery)

theninemall (phone accessories)

BHC Chicken (Korean fried chicken)

Day 5

Raw Coffee Stand (kiosk)

Cafe // Teddy's Oven (teddy themed)

Sumsei Terrarium (nature themed sensory gallery)

Cafe // Peaches. Cream Shop (photos only)

Point of View (stationery)

Munchies and Goodies (household items & munchies)

Starfield COEX Mall, Starfield Library

- Uniqlo

- Nipong Naepong (jjampong)

- Butter (similar to Miniso)

Day 6 - gapyeong tour

0700h: Pick-up from Hongdae Station

Alpaca World

Nami Island

Garden of Morning Calm

1900h: Drop-off at Hongdae Station

Baek Nyeon Baeksen Ginseng Chicken Soup

Kakao Friends Store (Kakao x Tom & Jerry)

Day 7

Hongik Gejang (soy-marinated crabs)

Cafe // Sinleedoga (coffee)

Walk around Hongdae

Ader Error (apparel + gallery)

Cafe // Samoyed Cafe

Butter (similar to Miniso)

LINE Friends Store (LINE x New Jeans)

Manmankokoro ("Itaewon Class" filming location)

Sigonggan (fashion & hair accessories)

Tera Kimbap

Su Noraebang (KTV)

Day 8

Totally forgot that 29th Sept is Chuseok when I booked the trip!


Cafe // Clementine

Archivepke (bags, footwear) - closed for Chuseok

Under Stand Avenue (container mall) - closed for Chuseok

Ader Error (space themed, apparel + gallery)

Seongsu Yeonbang (cultural & lifestyle spaces)

Index Caramel (caramel in many flavours) - closed for Chuseok

Wiggle Wiggle (whimsical themed, lifestyle brand) - closed for Chuseok

HBAF (Honey Butter Almond & Friends)

Myeongdong Kyoja - closed for Chuseok

Andong Jjimdak (braised chicken)

Day 9

0800h: Check-out of Airbnb, stored luggage here

Cafe // London Bagel House - 3hrs wait!

Cafe // Blue Bottle Coffee

National Folk Museum of Korea

Cafe // Molto Italian Espresso Bar (overlooks Myeongdeong Cathedral)

Myeongdong Kyoja (Michelin Bib Gourmand)

SMOO:D (neon light workshop, 2hrs)

Daiso shopping! (6-storey)

Back to Airbnb to collect luggage

1900h: AREX to Airport from Hongdae Station

2000h: Arrive at Incheon Airport

2330h: Depart for S'pore

0500h: Arrive at Changi Airport

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