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Melbourne Day 6

Today is Luna Park day, and first stop of the day was supposed to be breakfast at this cafe called Baguette Studios; but I was so tired, I decided to skip it and sleep in.

Started my day at around 10+, and was supposed to take the tram to the CBD area, and then switch to another tram to get down to St Kilda where Luna Park is. However, I didn’t know there was actually a protest going on in the CBD area, I was just stupidly waiting at the tram stop for 30mins (with everybody else)! Before realising that, nope the tram is not coming.

It was actually Australia Day, so people are allowed to protest, and the subject of today’s protest was to increase the age limit for criminal responsibility. Was almost noon by now, and was starting to feel hungry. Decided to return to Samsam Chicken again for lunch, which I had yesterday and it was really good, I love it!


207-209 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

1200-2200hrs (Mon-Thu, Sun), 1200-2300hrs (Fri-Sat)

Website | Instagram

The trams of the affected route had yet to resume, so I continued walking down to Southern Cross Station, to catch the tram to St Kilda.

Finally reached St Kilda at around 2pm, after an eventful morning! Popped by Black Star Pastry, the original creator of the popular watermelon cake!! I’ve always wanted to try it and am so glad they have stores in Melbourne, don’t have to travel to Sydney! The cake was indeed really, really good, and really pretty!


2C Acland Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

0800-1600hrs (Wed-Sun)

Luna Park is one of the most recognisable icons of Melbourne, with the signature “Mr Moon” face entry. As it’s the school holidays and a Public Holiday today as well, tickets were sold out by the time I reached. Luckily, I’ve already pre-bought mine online via Klook at a discounted price!

It is Melbourne’s most iconic amusement park, opened in 1912, after taking over the lease of the failed Dreamland, making it the oldest theme park in Australia! Unlike the large theme park brands like Disneyland and Universal Studios, Luna Park is a lot smaller and more of a carnival concept. You can either purchase as single rides or unlimited rides, which is great for those who wants to enter the park but afraid of taking certain rides!


18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182

Opening timing varies

Admission: $51.50 (entry + unlimited rides), $15 (entry + 1 ride)

The place is 90% unsheltered and the sun was so, so crazy. There isn’t much food options available inside, so do bring your own snacks and water. Didn’t went for all the rides, but managed to have at least a turn on the rides that I want to go. Left the park at about 8pm, and went to Fat Jak’s to have my dinner, a halal burger place.

I realised Australians don’t really eat out in the evening? I was the only diner there and the rest of the orders were either takeaways or food delivery. I got the truffle mushroom and beef burger, with Fat Jak fries, which was fries served with Fat Jak sauce (some yellow sauce), lettuce and vegan bacon. The food here was amazing, one of the best burgers I ever had!


205 Barkly Street, St Kilda VIC 3182

1100-2200hrs (Mon-Thu, Sun), 1100-0000hrs (Fri-Sat)


Expenses for Day 6

SamSam, Soy Mustard, 550g boned chicken, $20.80

Black Star Pastry:

- Watermelon Cake, $11

- Iced Latte, $7

Luna Park, Snow Cone, $6

Fat Jak’s:

- Truffle Shuffle Burger, $17

- Make it a meal, +$7

TOTAL: AU$68.80 = $62.55

Previous Expense: $3,917.09

Total as of Day 6: $3,979.64


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