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Melbourne Day 7

First stop of the day is South Melbourne Market! It is Melbourne’s oldest continuing market. It started due to a petition by the locals in 1856, highlighting the need for a market, but the market was only officially opened in 1867. South Melbourne Market is one of the places to get really good seafood!

Before I head into the market, I popped by Market Lane Coffee which was just opposite, for a cup of iced latte! Market Lane Coffee is without doubt one of the best places to get your coffee from in Melbourne!


305 Coventry Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

0700-1500hrs (Mon-Tue, Thu), 0700-1600hrs (Wed, Sat), 0800-1600hrs (Sun)


322-326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205

0800-1600hrs (Wed, Sat-Sun), 0800-1700hrs (Fri)

Other than cooked food and grocery stalls, the market has many other types of stalls! Passed by this handicraft stall and got myself a really cute and nice burger mug, and a pair of koala and kangaroo salt-and-pepper shakers!

Next, I went to Agathe Patisserie, a really popular bakery known for their croissants, especially the pandan croissant! You cannot leave South Melbourne Market without trying their pastries! The croissant was indeed really, really good! It’s flaky and not greasy, with a hint of pandan. Got a lemon meringue tart to try as well, it was so good!


South Melbourne Market

0800-1600hrs (Wed, Fri-Sun)

I booked a Phillip Island tour for the afternoon, pick-up at Immigration Museum. As there is still some time prior to the pick-up, I popped by Bench Coffee Co., walking distance to the museum, to chill and have another cup of iced latte.


321 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

0800-1600hrs (Mon-Thu), 0800-1700hrs (Fri), 0900-1700hrs (Sat-Sun)

After which, I headed to Immigration Museum for my Phillip Island tour pick-up! I booked the tour on kkday for $121 after a 12% discount! Phillip Island was named after Governor Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of NSW. Due to the little penguins that come ashore in groups, the island remains as a popular tourist spot till today! As it is summer now, and the penguins will only come ashore after sunset (~9pm), we were only back in Melbourne at midnight! First stop was stopping by the gas station to grab some snacks for the trip, as there will not be any food available along the way, all the way till we are at the last stop where we’ll see the penguins (~8:30pm)! There was also a McD here. Wow, the prices here (at the convenience store) are horrendous!! Even McD’s prices is a lot higher as compared to what is being sold in Melbourne. Then, we headed off to see some koalas at Phillip Island Koala Reserve. Awww… They look so cute and fluffy! Clinging on to the tree and taking their naps! Did you know, koalas sleep on an average of 18-22hrs a day? They are real fussy eaters, and they survive on a diet of eucalyptus leaves. As these leaves are very low in nutrients and take a lot of time to digest, thus the long sleeping hours in order to conserve their energy.

Then, a few other stops along the way – Pyramid Rock, Flynns Beach, Summerland Beach and The Nobbies – before we make our final stop at “Penguin Parade” to see the penguins. It was about 8:30pm when we reached and they do sell food here, at horrendous prices as well. Food here costs twice to triple the amount! So, if you are going for a Phillip Island tour, do remember to pack food from Melbourne!

It was difficult to spot the penguins as the area was dark, and they will only appear after the sun sets. One thing to note is that these penguins are wild animals, so there is no guarantee that you will be able to spot them, after having to pay an entrance fee. I did manage to spot a few, they were so small and cute, waddling their way through the grass patch!


Expenses for Day 7

Market Lane Coffee, Iced Latte, $6.50

South Melbourne Market, $35.98

- Kangaroo & Koala shakers

- Burger Mug

Agathe Patisserie:

- Pandan Croissant, $9

- Lemon Meringue Tart, $12

Bench Coffee Co., Iced Latte, $7

Pit Stop Gas Station, $14.60

McD, Grilled Chicken Wrap, $4.35

Nobbies Centre:

- Tiger Prawn Cocktail, $20

- Salt & Pepper Squid, $26

Uber to Airbnb, $19.26

TOTAL: AU$154.69 = $140.63

Previous Expense: $3,979.64

Total as of Day 7: $4,120.27


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