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Melbourne Day 8

I’m visiting Rippon Lea today, which is a huge 19th century mansion and gardens. Before that, a run to the café for some morning coffee, and today I’m visiting ONA Coffee! Another beautiful café located near to my Airbnb. Besides being a café, they do sell beans and merch!


22 Ovens Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

0800-1500hrs (Mon-Fri), 0830-1500hrs (Sat-Sun)

Rippon Lea Estate is a mansion built in 1868 for Sir Frederick Sargood, a wealthy Melbourne businessman, politician and philanthropist. The Sargood family lived here till Frederick’s death in 1903, expanding the house over the years. It was then bought over by Benjamin and Agnes Nathan in 1910, and was passed on to their eldest daughter, Louisa, when Benjamin died in 1935. Louisa then renovated the house extensively, drawing inspirations from Hollywood film-style of the 1930s. After a long running legal battle with the state government, Louisa finally agreed that on her death, the house and land will be transferred to the National Trust.

The mansion was a lot smaller than expected, and you can only enter with a guide, within a fix period of time. During my previous trip to Melbourne, I visited Werribee Mansion. This mansion was a lot bigger, and you could stay inside as long as you want! Out of these two mansions, I would recommend visiting Werribee Mansion.

The interior of Rippon Lea Estate was without doubt really impressive. The guide did a great job explaining the uses of each room, and how life is like back in the days. For example, how and why children are not allowed in the drawing room, and how servants are being summoned by Lady of the house.


192 Hotham Street, Elsternwick VIC 3185

1000-1700hrs (daily)

Admission: $15

As my Airbnb is located in the north, and Rippon Lea Estate is located all the way in the south, I made a few stops in between before returning back to my Airbnb eventually. Firstly, to St Kilda for lunch at Leo’s Spaghetti Bar. I really love tiramisu, and after knowing that Leo’s is an authentic Italian restaurant, I have to visit it! Besides tiramisu, I got a risotto as well. Food here was great, and I must be really thirsty, as I unknowingly drank the entire litre of iced water!


Barkly Square, 90/106 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056

0800-2200hrs (Mon, Wed-Sun), 0800-2000hrs (Tue)

Slowly moving North up, I headed to Melbourne Central next for a massage session. Massages are not cheap here, about the same price as S’pore’s. After days and days of walking, I really do need a good foot massage!


Barkly Square, 90/106 Sydney Road, Brunswick VIC 3056

0800-2200hrs (Mon, Wed-Sun), 0800-2000hrs (Tue)

Then, I headed to Barkly Square for Kmart and the supermarket. Was a little disappointed that the Kmart here is not well stocked, a lot of the shelves were empty! Kmart is a great place to shop for good quality yet affordable items. They sell all kinds of items here – candies, chocolates, party items, décor items, homeware, clothing, footwear, baby and kids items, stationeries, kitchen ware, and many more! Lastly before I head back to my Airbnb, I had dinner at The Dojo Ramen Bar, just a random eatery located near to my Airbnb. Really good ramen!


333 High Street, Northcote VIC 3070 1130-1500hrs (Tue-Fri), 1700-2100hrs (Tue-Thu), 1700-1900hrs (Fri), 1200-2100hrs (Sat-Sun)


Expenses for Day 8


- Ham & Cheese Croissant, $10

- Iced Latte, $7

Rippon Lea:

- Admission, $15

- Ice Lolly, $2.50


- Risotto Pollo, $28

- Tiramisu, $12

Melbourne Central, Max Therapy:

- 60m foot + shoulders massage, $85


- Rattan Tray, $7

- Rattan Basket, $5

- Lined Soap Dispenser, $5

- Terrazzo Soap Dispenser, $8

- Cup, $6

- Notebook, $2

- Pouch, $5

- Sour Peach Gummies, $1

- Recycle Bag, $2.50


- Tim Tam Raspberry, $2.35

- Tim Tam Mint, $2.35 x2

- Kitkat Milo, $2 x3

- Frey Orange Chocolate, $4

- Frey Mint Chocolate, $4

The Dojo Ramen Bar, Shoyu Ramen, $17.80

TOTAL: AU$239.85 = $218.05

Previous Expense: $4,120.27

Total as of Day 8: $4,339.32


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