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9-day Seoul Itinerary (Spring/Summer)


*___* - Places that you should not missed out!


Day 1: Arrived in Seoul

[0600hrs] Arrived at Incheon Airport.

[0700hrs] To City via AREX (Airport Railroad Express).

Grab T-money card - Seoul's public transport card.

Seoul Station - EG Sim, prepaid SIM card.

[0900hrs] Check-in to accommodation.

Cafe Majo & Sady (Kakao Talk themed cafe).

Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

Culture Station Seoul 284 (Old Seoul Station).

Grocery shopping at *Lotte Mart*.


Day 2

*Garousu-gil* (cafe street).

Momo Cot Cafe [closed].

*LINE Friends Store and Cafe* (LINE themed cafe).

Apgujeong Rodeo Street (Seoul's version of Beverly Hills's Rodeo Drive).

Gong Cha Korea.

*1MILLION Dance Studio*.

Hanchu Korean Fried Chicken [single diners not allowed].

Apgujeong Pulbaek.


Day 3

Itaewon-dong (foreign distict of Seoul).

Takeout Drawing Cafe.

National Museum of Korea.

Grocery shopping at *Lotte Mart*.

Angel-in-us Coffee.


Day 4

Bloom and Goute Cafe [moved].

*Coffee Arco*.

JYP Entertainment

CUBE Studio Cafe [moved].

*Coco Bruni* (chocolatier cafe).

*Common Ground* (container themed shopping mall).

*C.Through Cafe*.

*Heukdonga* (famous Korean BBQ - kurobuta/black pig).


Day 5

*Hongdae*(cafe street).

*Hello Kitty Cafe*.

*The Bridge Cafe*.

Ewha Fashion Street, Yes! Apm [closed].

*Palsaek Samgyeopsal* -

(famous Korean BBQ - 8 types of marinated pork belly).


Day 6

*Namdaemun Market*.

*Cafe aA Design Museum*.

Air Cafe (plane themed cafe) [closed].

*Slow Brick Cafe*.


*O'sulloc Tea House* (matcha themed cafe).

Banpo Hangang Park, Banpo Bridge

(sunset at 1930hrs, Rainbow Fountain at 2000hrs).

*Gangnam Terminal Underground Shopping Centre*.


Day 7

*Tosokchon* (famous samgyetang - Korean ginseng chicken soup).

*Gyeongbokgung (Palace)*.

Changing of Guards Parade at Gyeongbokgung.


Bukchon Hanok Village (hanok - traditional Korean houses).


Day 8

*Myeongdong Station Underground Shopping Centre*.

*Myeongdong Cathedral*.

*Myeongdong* (cosmetics and skincare).

*Myeongdong Street Food* (more vendors after 1800hrs).

Day 9 - Back to Singapore

[1000hrs] Get ready to leave.

[1130hrs] To Seoul Station.

[1230hrs] To Incheon Airport via AREX.

[1330hrs] Arrived at Incheon Airport.

[1400hrs] Check-in baggage.

[1600hrs] Back to Singapore.

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