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Day 7: Garosugil, Ewha 第七天:江南新沙洞,梨花

Back at Namdaemun Market (남대문시장) for more shopping! Spotted Korean strawberries selling at KRW2,000 for maybe 500g? Super cheap right?! 3 boxes at KRW5,000!

又再次返回南大门市场 (남대문시장)!现在这期间正好也是韩国草莓季节,500 克草莓只卖韩币 2,000,超便宜!3 盒 韩币 5,000!

Namdaemun Market 남대문시장

21 Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul

Hoehyeon Station Exit 5 (line 4)

#1: When you are at Namdaemun Market, you have got to try their buns!

#2: Super affordable! 10 for KRW5,000!

#3: Steam ones.

#4: Fried ones.

#5: And not forgetting getting a stick of odeng (Korean fishcake)!

Chanced upon this cafe opposite of the market, Haru Cafe, that roasts their own beans. First time seeing raw coffee beans, they are actually green! The coffee here taste different as well, more of a roasted taste. Good coffee 👍🏻

在市场逛逛时,正好看见对面的咖啡厅,Haru Cafe。这间咖啡厅烘培自己的咖啡豆 - 首次见生咖啡豆,原来是绿色的!这里的咖啡和别地方有点不一样,有一种烤香味,不错!👍🏻

#6: Haru Cafe.

#7: Iced Latte.

Next, we went to Bongeunsa Temple (봉은사). This is one of the oldest and most popular Buddhist temple in Seoul, built in year 794! There are some pretty cherry and plum blossoms here! Did not make it a wasted trip.

接着到了 Bongeunsa 寺庙 (봉은사)。这是首尔最古老,最著名的佛庙之一,建于 794 年!这里也有些漂亮的樱花和梅花!没白来。。

Bongeunsa Temple 봉은사

531 Bongeunsa-ro, Samseong 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Bongeunsa Temple Station Exit 1 (line 9)

#8: Bongeunsa Temple.

#9: Look at these pretty colourful paper lanterns!

#10: Bongeunsa Temple.

#11: Bongeunsa Temple.

#12: Bongeunsa Temple.

#13: Bongeunsa Temple.

#14: Good Luck pouches.

After which, we went to Garosugil (가로수길). Garosugil is also known as the “cafe street”. This place is well known for its streets and streets of cafe. We visited Mr Holmes Bakehouse and Cafe 89 Mansion.

然后去了Garosugil (가로수길)。Garosugil 也称为 ‘咖啡街’。这里著名于一排排的咖啡厅。我们去了 Mr Holmes Bakehouse 和 Cafe 89 Mansion。 Mr Holmes Bakehouse originated from San Francisco, specialising in French pastries. I really love the marble and brass gold interior, really pretty! They sell a range of cruffins (croissant baked like a muffin), brioche donuts, croissants and other French pastries, in rotating flavours. We got the matcha chocolate-dipped croissant and dirty bread. For matcha, the matcha cruffin I tried last year was better as the center is filled with rich matcha custard cream. As for dirty bread, it is the latest trend from China called 脏脏包, it is called so as it is impossible to finish the bun without getting yourself in a mess. It is either bread or croissant topped dipped with chocolate, then sprinkled with a thick layer of cocoa powder. This was really good! 👍🏻

Mr Holmes Bakehouse 来自于旧金山,专卖法式糕点。我非常喜欢它大理石纹与黄铜金的室内设计。他们销售各式口味的杯形羊角面包,布里欧修甜甜圈,羊角面包和其他法式糕点。我们点了抹茶巧克力羊角面包和脏脏包。和去年试的抹茶杯形羊角面包相比,去年的较好吃,中心有浓郁的抹茶卡仕达酱。最近在中国非常有名的脏脏包,居然红到了韩国!之所以叫做 ‘脏脏’ 包是因为你不可能是干净把它给吃完,一定是吃的全脏脏。

Mr Holmes Bakehouse

34 Apgujeong-ro 10-gil Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul

1000-2200hrs (Mon-Fri), 1000-2300hrs (Sat-Sun)

Sinsa Station Exit 8 (line 3)

#15: Mr Holmes Bakehouse.

#16: Mr Holmes Bakehouse.

#17: Love the interior!

#18: A snap with their iconic pink neon signage. Trying very hard to make shift the focus to the croissant instead on my iPhone, but it just wouldn't do!

#19: The super popular dirty bread!

#20: Definitely a dirty mess after eating!

Next we went to Cafe 89 Mansion that was round the corner, opened by Korean actor Lee Jong Suk. When we arrived, it was closed for break, thus we just took a few shots of the exterior.

接着到了韩国著名演员,李钟硕开的咖啡厅,Cafe 89 Mansion。我们抵达的时候正好是休息时间,所以拍完照片就走。

Cafe 89 Mansion

523-30 Sinsa-dong Gangnam-gu Seoul

1100-2200hrs (daily)

Sinsa Station Exit 6 (line 3)

#21: Cafe 89 Mansion.

Last but not least, spending our last evening of the trip at Ewha (이화). This place is a clothes paradise for the ladies! Many clothes are going between KRW5,000 - 10,000. Bought a shirt at KRW5,000 and a sweater at KRW9,000.

最后到了梨花 (이화),这里是女人购买衣装的天堂!许多都销售在韩币 5,000 到 10,000 之间。买了件韩币 5,000 的上衣和件韩币 9,000 的长袖衣。

Ewha 이화

52 Ewhayeodae-gil Sinchon-dong Seodaemun-gu Seoul

1200-2100hrs (daily)

Ewha Woman’s Univeristy Station Exit 2, 3 (line 2), Sinchon Station Exit 2, 3 (line 2) Laneige was doing a new product launch pop-up event! Everything was so pretty! Complete a simple 4-step task to get a free gift, great way to market your products. Step 1) Like ‘Laneige KR’ on Facebook. Step 2) Get your free drink of apple or grape juice. Step 3) Take a photo with Laneige props using our phone. Step 4) Try out their latest water concept moisturising products, currently selling at 20% and 30% off. After completing the task, get to the vending machine and choose a number, and see what you get! I got a moisturising kit.

兰芝 (Laneige) 正好在梨花有活动,轻松完成 4 步骤就能抽奖赢取赠品。步骤 1:到 ‘Laneige KR’ Facebook 按赞。步骤 2:赎取你的免费饮料 - 苹果或葡萄汁。步骤 3:用自己的手机和兰芝的道具拍张照。步骤 4:试下他们最新推出的保湿产品,在本店购买可享有 20% 和 30% 折扣。完成这 4 步骤后就能到贩卖机选择一个号码,然后看看自己得到什么赠品!我得到了迷你保湿产品。

#22: Laneige pop-up event.

#23: Laneige pop-up event.

#24: Latest Laneige products.

#25: Grab this Taro Strawberry Milk Tea (regular Taro Milk Tea with strawberry sauce) from their strawberry season drinks, on our way home. The purple-pink contrast is just so pretty and tasted really great!

#26: A walk around the convenience store within our apartment building. Amazed by the amount of cooked food that sell! The onigiris have such amazing interesting flavours, the gimbaps and bento meals all look soooooo good!

#27: Bought this spicy octopus, pork belly and cheese onigiri to try!

#28: Look at this wide range of Asian soups, Western soups, pastas and salads!! Below these are fresh fruits and jellies!

#29: Found this Minion cup noodles on our way home, in spicy cheese flavour.

#30: With Minion fishcakes in it, how cute?!

#31: So amazed with the Korean cuisine! I found this simple Korean meals recipe book at Diaso for just KRW2,000 (in Seoul, Diaso items are sold between KRW1,000-6,000)! So excited to put up some of the recipes!

And this kind of sums up our trip! Leaving Seoul at about 5:30am tomorrow to catch our flight at 8:40pm.

这次的韩国之旅就到这!明早 5:30 时就准备离开首尔乘搭 8:40 时的航班回新加坡! Annyeong (안녕)! 再见!

#32: This trip was via Cathay Pacific, 3hrs transfer at Hong Kong Airport. A direct flight this time round is way too expensive as it is peak season with Spring (where cherry blossoms bloom!) arriving.

Expenses for Day 7

Namdaemun Market:

- Mixed Bun (5pcs) KRW3,000 / 2

- Odeng KRW1,000

- Banana Milk KRW1,300

- Onigiri KRW1,500 x2

- Cherry Blossom Popcorn KRW2,300

- Cherry Blossom Drink KRW1,200

Mr Holmes Bakehouse:

- Matcha Croissant KRW4,200 / 2

- Dirty Bread KRW4,300 / 2


- Clear Gift Bag (25pcs) KRW1,000

- 3D Vehicle Puzzle KRW2,000 x2

- Bentley Metal Toy Car KRW5,000

- Aston Martin Metal Toy Car KRW5,000

- Notebook KRW1,000

- Washi Tape KRW1,000

- Stickers (3pcs per pkt) KRW1,000 x2

Ewha Street:

- Shirt KRW5,000

- Sweater KRW9,000

A bunch of food and snacks at E-mart: KRW20,350

Total for Day 7: KRW67,900 = $82.30 Balance forward: $2,065.24 Current Total Expenses: $2,147.54

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