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Batam Day 1

It was super packed at both Singapore and Indonesia custom, guess since it was a Saturday! The Singapore custom process was pretty quick since we are using electronic scanning, cleared in 30mins. However, it took a while at Indonesia - 1.5hrs! It was about 2:15pm when everything was done. We took the Habourfront - Batam Centre route. We walked over to the mall opposite, Mega Mall Batam, as Grab is not allowed to pick up passengers at the ferry terminal. We later learnt that Grab are not allowed to pick up passengers at airport and ferry terminals, drop off is okay. This also applies to shopping malls before midnight, except for Mega Mall Batam and Grand Batam Mall. Firstly, we headed over to check-in at our hotel, Harmoni One Convention Centre and Serviced Apartments, located just a km away from the mall and ferry terminal. The hotel was huge and the lobby looks so grand and pretty! Waited for a while before it was our turn as it seems many arrived to spend the long weekend here as well. We booked the cheapest room and it looks pretty good and spacious, with an additional sofa bench. Just that the toilet and wardrobe looks a little bit old.

Harmoni One Convention Centre and Serviced Apartments

#1: Entrance to Harmoni One Hotel.

After putting down our luggages, we headed off to Sense Coffee and Pool, recommended by The Smart Local, and it was such a huge disappointment! What a negative start to our trip~ 😂😒 It was literally a mini public pool with a small cafe beside it. The food and drinks took so long to be prepared when the cafe is literally empty. The food was a huge disappointment and doesn’t even looks like it needs such a long time to prepare, and looks like something one can easily whip up at home! Judge it for yourself ⬇️

Sense Coffee and Pool

1000-2100hrs (Tue-Fri), 1000-2200hrs (Sat), 0800-2000hrs (Sun), Closed on Mondays

#2: Sense Coffee and Pool.

#3: Sense Coffee and Pool.

#4: Red Velvet Latte and regular Latte.

#5: Eggs Benedict and Chicken Chop. Next, we went over to Kalea Spa for some massage! Sadly, they were fully booked for the day, so we made a booking for the next evening. Following after, we headed to Inul Vizta Family KTV to make a booking, then walked over to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre to take a walk and have dinner. Inul Vizta is a huge 4-storey karaoke place, brightly lit, family friendly, and opens till 3am! Bought so much drinks and water for karaoke, and they all got confiscated! Didn’t know outside food and drinks are not allowed, not even water! Oh wells~ Sang for 4hrs till 1am, went back to shower and finally time to sleep at 3am, 😆 and that’s it for Day 1!

Kalea Spa

1000-2200hrs (daily)

Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre

1000-2200hrs (daily)

#6: No-pearls non-tea Boba Tea drinks 😂 and dinner at the food court, laksa and soup noodles. Yummy! 👍🏻

Inul Vizta Family KTV (Nagoya Hill)

1100-0300hrs (daily)

#7: Inul Vizta Family KTV.


Exchange Rate: IDR 10k = SG$1


Hotel - Harmoni One (Batam Centre): SG$147.35 / 2 = SG$73.70

Ferry - Majestic Ferry: SG$49

Data - AirSIM: 5-day unlimited SG$10

Grab to Harbourfront Ferry Terminal: SG$21

TOTAL: SG$153.70

Expenses for Day 1

3 sets of kueh at Ferry Terminal: IDR 22k

KFC: IDR 42.5k

Grab to Harmoni One Hote: IDR 19k / 2 = IDR 9.5k

Grab to Sense Coffee and Pool: IDR 23k / 2 = IDR 11.5k

Sense Coffee and Pool: IDR 140.8k / 2 = IDR 70.4k

- Eggs Benedict, Chicken Chop, 2 drinks

Grab to Kalea Spa: IDR 20k / 2 = IDR 10k

Grab to Inul Vizta KTV: IDR 24k / 2 = IDR 12k

Supermarket: IDR 119.2k

Sharetea: IDR 31k

Dinner: IDR 24k

Karaoke: IDR 496k / 2 = IDR 248k

- Weekend rates: IDR 80k x 4hrs, 2 drinks, tax

Grab to Harmoni One Hotel: IDR 35k / 2 = IDR 17.5k

Sub-total: IDR 617.6k = SG$61.76

Previous Expenses: SG$153.70

TOTAL: SG$215.76

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