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[Virtual Travel] Sydney Day 3

9:30am: Breakfast at Creperie Suzette

Crepes for breakfast, why not? A little piece of France in the heart of Sydney. The Rocks has got a rich history, and the interior of this cafe just speaks of it.

10:30am: The Rocks Market

The Rocks Market, available on the weekends, brings talented and experienced artists and makers to The Rocks. Discover a selection of handcrafted products, jewellery, locally-designed fashion and unique homewares. Other than products, there’s many food stalls as well.

11:30am: Justice and Police Museum

The museum sits in the former water police station, offices and courthouse, completed in 1886. Due to financial constraints and delays caused by labour shortages during the Gold Rush period, the station was completed as a modest two storey building. It holds the only public collection of artefacts in NSW relating to the history of crime, law and police.

1:30pm: Lunch at Cho Cho San

Cho Cho San is a Tokyo-inspired modern izakaya (Japanese bar) restaurant, offering classic Japanese dishes with an unique contemporary twist. The interior has a clean sand-colour themed to it.

2:30pm: Elizabeth Bay House

Elizabeth Bay House is a heritage-listed Colonial Regency-style house, now opened as a museum. The house was once the finest house in the colony, set within a garden of the most remarkable extravagance. Its elegant rooms and lavish furnishings reveal the tastes and aspirations of its original owner, Alexander Macleay, the most important public official in colonial Sydney after the governor; but the economic downturn of the 1840s pushed him towards ruin.

4:30pm: Mrs Macquarie's Chair

An exposed sandstone rock cut into the shape of a bench, hand carved by convicts in 1810 for Elizabeth Macquarie, wife of Governor Lachlan Macquarie. Folklore has it that she used to sit on the rock and watch the ships from Great Britain sail into the harbour and enjoy its panoramic views.

5pm: Royal Botanic Garden

The Royal Botanic Garden is a heritage-listed garden built in 1816. The garden is huge, measuring at 30 hectares, which is about 2.5 football fields.

6:30pm: Dinner at The Rocks Cafe

The Rocks Cafe occupies an historic piece of Sydney’s architecture, offering an European and modern Australian cuisine.


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