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Tsum Tsum Themed Party

A friend of mine approached me about two months' ago to help her do up a dessert table for her son's 1st birthday as dessert tables done up by registered companies could easily cost up to $1,000! She chose the theme 'Tsum Tsum' in theme colours of blue and white, with some dark brown and light brown.

I never knew there were soooo many Tsum Tsum characters and it is really tough to choose a portion of them to use for the decor. I try to choose the ones that are more commonly known and keeping away from human characters like Elsa and Lilo. It was really fun but tiring at the same time as there were so many things that needs to be bought and be prepared.

You can easily find all the Tsum Tsum characters by google-ing but it's not that easy to find high resolution ones. Can't remember where I got the high resolution ones, but I was really glad that I finally found them, otherwise the characters would turn out to be really blur when enlarged.

#1: Dessert table set-up. All prepared and handmade by me except for the birthday cake and balloons.

I got the 'plates' (which are white foam boards) and 'AYDEN' letters from Artfriend. The letters are made from a cardboard-like material and I painted them with some white acrylic paint. The glass jars are from IKEA, and the table cover and skirting are from Spotlight. The table skirting were made from table covers, I just staple the edge to create the creases. I also got this really cute Tsum Tsum plate to put the dessert spoons!

#2: Dessert table layout.

#3: Donald and Daisy Quacky Cupcakes - blue cupcakes with white chocolate ganache, milk chocolate crispy balls, and matching cupcake toppers.

Click here for recipe.

#4: Actual design.

#5: Pool and Piglet Lemon Meringue Tarts - shortcrust pastry tart with lemon curd and torched meringue.

Click here for recipe.

#6: Actual design.

#8: Mickey and Minnie Tiramisu Cups - coffee-dipped sponge biscuits with mascarpone cream, rum, dark chocolate shavings, cocoa powder, and I topped it off with mini marshmallows and more dark chocolate shavings. I think the marshmallows helped add a touch of cuteness!

Click here for recipe.

#9: Actual design. I got the Tsum Tsum stickers from Taobao which are selling at about $0.20 per sheet of 10 stickers.

#10: Eeyore and Tigger Jelly Fruit Cups - blue konnyaku jelly with longan, aloe vera and nata de coco.

Click here for recipe.

#11: Actual design.

#12: Chip and Dale Custard Puffs - choux pastry filled with custard cream.

Click here for recipe.

#13: Actual design.

#14: Goofy and Pluto Brownie Squares - fudge brownie squares with blue white chocolate.

Click here for recipe.

#15: Actual design.

#16: Tsum Tsum Marshmallow Pops - marshmallows dipped in blue white chocolate.

The stand was made from styrofoam boxes and I covered the edges with this blue-striped patterned paper. After placing the marshmallows, I placed blue and white paper shreds over so as to not expose the styrofoam from the top. These paper shreds are cut from crepe papers.

Click here for recipe.

#17: Actual design.

#18: The super pretty birthday cake that the parents got from an online bakery! It costs $300, fully fondant covered, that is mango cake at the top tier and chocolate cake at the bottom tier.

#19: I also made a welcome sign that was pasted on the entrance door.

#20: Actual design.

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