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Project Seoulprints

footprints in seoul

Finally back in Korea again after 4 long years!!

I used to visit Korea once a year since 2016 pre-covid. This trip was meant to be last October, but due to a new job, I couldn't make it happen. So happy that it is finally made possible this year! And why specifically Sept / Oct? As it's autumn. I've experienced Korea during spring, summer and winter, but never once for autumn. HOWEVER UNFORTUNATELY, the trees hadn't start to turn yellow during my visit!

For this trip, I'm flying Korean Air, for the first time! Their safety video is so cool, featuring BoA and SuperM! Yes, this was the reason why I chose to fly with Korean Air.

For accommodation, I've opted for Airbnb as usual, and I realised that rates have gone up by so much! It used to cost only $70-80 /night for a spacious and nicely furnished studio good for 2pax. This time round, such studios would easily cost you $110-120 /night! Finally, I found this tiny studio that was $90/night, and it's not even that nicely done up. I think it is good for 1pax, but perhaps would be a little cramp for 2pax.

Here’s the 9-day itinerary at a glance:

Day 1, Friday

  • Arrive at Incheon Airport

  • Get SIM card from LG U+

  • AREX to Hongdae Station

  • Store luggage at Airbnb (check-in after 3pm)

  • Cafe // Morning Calm Coffee Lab 모닝캄커피랩 (coffee)

  • The Hyundai Seoul 더현대서울 (mall) | Super Matcha 슈퍼말차 (keto-friendly matcha)

  • Charlie's Grocery 찰리스그로서리 (trendy-looking grocery store)

  • Cafe // Nuldam Space 널담은공간 (post a letter)

  • Back to Hongdae, check-in to Airbnb

Day 2, Saturday

  • Ikseondong Hanok Village 익선동한옥거리

  • Cafe // Seoul Coffee 서울커피 (coffee)

  • Cafe // Nakwon 낙원역카페 (train-themed set in an old train station)

  • Ikseon Shooting Club 익선슈팅클럽 (gun shooting)

  • Walk around Ikseon-dong

  • Cafe // Soha Salt Pond 소하염전 (salt bun)

  • Cafe // +Smore Market Toy House 스모어마켓토이하우스 (cafe + Toy Story merch)

  • Nonfiction 논픽션 (fragrance)

  • Cafe // London Bagel Museum 런던베이글뮤지엄 - full house, couldn't get in!

  • Bonjuk 본죽 (Korean porridge)

Day 3, Sunday

  • Cafe // Perception 퍼셉션 (coffee)

  • Nodeul Island 노들섬 (man-made island, repurposed)

  • Cafe // Milestone Coffee 마일스톤커피 (coffee + tiramisu)

  • Walk around Sinsa-dong

  • Tamburins 탬버린즈 (lifestyle & fragrance brand by Gentle Monster)

  • Ader Error 아더에러 (apparel + gallery)

  • Nice Weather Market 나이스웨더 (random merch store)

  • Cafe // Nudake "The Croissant" 누데이크 - 1hr wait!

  • Idaejop Pyeodagwi 이대조뼈다귀 (pork ribs soup)

  • Hongbox Coin Karaoke (norebang / KTV)

Day 4, Monday

  • Cafe // Cafe Layered 레이어드 (coffee, scone)

  • Walk around Yeonnam-dong

  • Visual Aid 비주얼에이드 (apparel, bags, caps)

  • Cafe // However 하우에버 (collab with paint company, Samhwa)

  • Walk around Sinchon

  • UPLEX 유플렉스 (mall)

  • Isaac Toast 이삭토스트

  • Object 오브젝트 (stationery, random items)

  • theninemall 더나인몰 (phone accessories)

  • BHC Chicken (Korean fried chicken)

Day 5, Tuesday

  • Raw Coffee Stand 로우커피스탠드

  • Cafe // Teddy's Oven 테디스오븐 (photos only)

  • Cafe // Sumsei 섬세이 (nature-themed exhibits + cafe)

  • Point of View 포인트오브뷰 (stationery)

  • Munchies and Goodies 먼치스앤구디스 (bakery, deli, grocer, household items)

  • Starfield COEX Mall 스타필드코엑스몰 + dinner | Starfield Library

Day 6, Wednesday

  • Gapyeong tour: - Alpaca World 알파카월드 + lunch - Nami Island 남이섬 - Garden of Morning Calm 아침고요수목원

  • Baek Nyeon Baekse Ginseng Chicken Soup 백년토종삼계탕

  • Kakao Friends Store (Kakao x Tom & Jerry)

Day 7, Thursday

  • Hongik Gejang 홍익게장 (soy-marinated raw crabs)

  • Cafe // Sinleedoga 신이도가 (coffee)

  • Walk around Hongdae

  • Ader Error 아더에러 (apparel + gallery)

  • Cafe // Samoyed Cafe 겨울이머무는집

  • BUTTER (similar to Miniso)

  • LINE Friends Store (LINE x New Jeans)

  • Sigonggan 시공간

  • Tera Kimbap 테라김밥

  • Su Noraebang (KTV)

Day 8, Friday

  • Cafe // Clementine 클레멘타인 (florist + cafe)

  • Archivepke 아카이브앱크 (bags, footwear) - closed for Chuseok

  • Under Stand Avenue 언더스탠드에비뉴 (container mall) - closed for Chuseok

  • Ader Error 아더에러 (apparel + gallery)

  • Seongsu Yeonbang 성수연방 (cultural & lifestyle space)

  • Index Caramel 인덱스카라멜 (caramel candies) - closed for Chuseok

  • Wiggle Wiggle 위글위글 (apparel) - closed for Chuseok

  • HBAF (Honey Butter Almond retail store)

  • Myeongdong Kyoja 명동성당 (steamed dumplings) - closed for Chuseok

  • Andong Jjimdak 안동찜닭 (braised chicken)

Day 9, Saturday

  • Check-out of Airbnb, store luggage there

  • Cafe // London Bagel Museum 런던베이글뮤지엄 (bagel) - 3hrs wait!

  • Cafe // Blue Bottle Coffee 블루보틀커피 (coffee)

  • National Folk Museum 국립민속박물관

  • Cafe // Molto Italian Espresso Bar 몰또이탈리안에스프레소바 (coffee)

  • Myeongdong Kyoja 명동성당 (steamed dumplings)

  • SMOO:D Workshop 스무디공방 (neon light workshop)

  • Daiso 다이소

  • Back to Airbnb to collect luggage

  • Hongdae Station - AREX to Incheon Airport


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