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My First Airbnb Accommodation

"We imagine a world where you can belong anywhere." ~Airbnb

In case you are still not sure what airbnb is, it is an online portal based in San Francisco and it is a website that allows people to list or book accommodation around the world.

"Stay at people's house? Is it safe?"

Well, that was a question that my mom asked me as well. And I told her, I do not wish to stay at a place that cost me twice or even triple the amount (like hotels). I explained to her the reason why I chose to stay at a place via airbnb. You choose the style of place based on your preference. You get to use many amenities that most of the hotel rooms do not come with like kitchen and washer. You have people to chat with (especially when you are travelling alone like I did for this trip). Most importantly, it's affordable!

I looked through for a couple of months, she rejected some. No staying with guys, not even married couple or families. Finally, I settled down with a house located in St Kilda. The owner is a lady, a self-employed dog trainer. She lives alone with her client's dogs - when they go for holiday and their dogs need someone to look after. The house is near to the beach, theme park, tram station and supermarket, so it is not going to be very quite or deserted. I showed my mom and she was quite alright with this accommodation. In fact, because of me, she decided to book a huge house through airbnb when my whole family went to Langkawi in September, so everyone gets to stay together instead of seperate hotel rooms. My two baby nephews went as well so they need a kitchen to sanitize milk bottles, etc. I didn't go because I was in the midst of my internship and no leave is granted for interns.

Without further ado, check out some photos of my awesome airbnb accommodation!!

#1: Arrived at 5 Spenser Street, St Kilda - my Airbnb apartment!

#2: The main gate leads to 4 units.

#3: Pretty flowers at the frontyard.

#4: My apartment, unit 2.

#5: The hallway. My owner's room on the left and the main door at the center.

#6: Pretty light at the hallway!

#7: My room - double bed, desk and a armchair.

#8: My room on the other side - 2 door wardrobe, a small rack.

#9: Dead branches as the curtain pole, cool!

#10: Another pretty light in my room.

#11: Bathroom with tub.

#12: Sitting lounge.

#13: Sitting lounge on another angle

#14: Pretty dreamcatchers on the wall!

#15: Dining cum Kitchen area.

#16: Sitting area at the backyard for some alfresco dining.

#17: Cool tree with cool candle holders!

#18: Luna Park just right outside my home.

#19: My neighbourhood - St Kilda is one of the places that has lots of these palm trees so it makes it easily recognizable.

#20: My neighbourhood - O'Donnell Gardens.

#21: My neighbourhood - Luna Park and Palais Theatre. The tram stop and bus stop are right in front of Luna Park.

#22: My neighbourhood - Woolworths (supermarket) just a street away.

#23: My neighbourhood - McDonalds and McCafe opposite of Luna Park.

#24: My neighbourhood - Subway and 7-Eleven in the midst of the shops.

#25: Enjoy sunst every evening! St Kilda Beach just 5mins down the streets.

OVERALL: It was a really plesant stay and the owner was really friendly and make sures all my needs are met. She is not at home most of the times, so it feels like I have the whole house to myself! I am also pleased that the apartment was well decorated with aboriginal art and American Indian-related items - sheepskin, candles, tribal art, boomerang, dreamcatchers, wood, rattan, leather, dried flowers and plants - which are things that I loved, very cultural and countryside. All the taps have both hot and cold water which makes it a good plus point as it gets really cold in the night when the sun is gone. The apartment has pretty much everything that I needed and based on its convenient location, I would say it was a very good and affordable deal!

If you have not tried airbnb, sign up now with this referral link, and get $28 off your first booking!

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